Based on the latest science fiction movie, Pacific Rim, Reliance Games has released a game by the same name for iOS and Android users. This is an all-new action game that features exciting robots vs monster action sequences.

Pacific Rim

This game is similar to the widely-known Infinity Blade game, with fights involving blocking, swiping and dodging. You take the control of a powerful robot and involved in the immerse action sequence. Your goal is to battle against the evil monsters and rid them off the world using different fighting moves.

This game features 2 game modes; Story mode and Survival mode. Story mode follows the storyline of the movie and is packed with 30 exciting levels where you have to challenge monstrous creatures in the intense combat system. While in the Survival mode, you need to save humanity from an endless attack of Kaiju.

Pacific Rim app

As you progress, the evil forces will get much harder to destroy but you gain new upgrades and devastating combos during the course of your game. You can also customize your character corresponding to your gameplay style with new tech and weapons.

This game consists of 5 powerful Jaegers related to the movie. Additionally, the game also features new Jaegers and events that were not specified in the movie.

Pacific Rim game

This game also includes a Game Center integration which helps you to compare your scores with your friends or other players.

iOS and Android users can download the game via Apple App Store and Google Play Store respectively. This game highly entertains those who like action games.