ZeptoLab, the creator of a famous game Cut the Rope, has developed another interesting puzzle game known as Pudding Monsters HD. It consists of a beautiful and innovative gameplay with interesting and challenging levels.

Pudding Monster HD App Review

The game takes place on a kitchen table where you find several tiny pudding monsters that are separated from each other. As a player, your job here is to join those monsters together to form into a large pudding monster. Just slide the monsters to move them, but they can slide only vertically and horizontally along the grids. They do not stop until they hit another monster or any obstacle. When a monster hits another one, they fuse together. Likewise, you need to combine all the monsters.

Pudding Monster HD Game Review

But it is not that easy. While you play the game, you find gold stars in the grids. You have to collect those stars by just landing your pudding monsters on the stars. Make sure that you land your monsters on the stars while you play. You need to collect enough stars to enter into the next level. If you join all the monsters without collecting enough stars, you cannot get through to the next level. This why the game gets much more interesting.

Pudding Monster HD Review

You come across the monster characters of varied shapes, attributes and crazy personalities. There are different monsters like monsters with big moustaches, with snail hats, or sleeping caps. Those monsters beautifully wiggle, slime and jiggle. The ability and the color of the monsters will change when they fuse with the other monster. This game consists of colorful graphics. Get this fun-filled game and have fun playing the game.

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