PuXXles game developed by Nikita Spitsyn is playable on iPhone. With the PuXXles App, you can send message to your peeps with a twist or by adding some puzzles.

With the PuXXle , you can grab a photo in your iPhone camera or choose a image from the saved images on your device. Then create a jigsaw puzzle or riddle of the image and then enter the second message or text that you wish to forward to your recipients so that they view it once they finish the riddle.


User are provided with different ways to send the puXXle to their friends which includes email, sms or through game. Once the message gets delivered, the recipient can make use of the clue and work on to solve the puzzle. On finishing with the puzzle, the receiver will be able to see the second message and image that you sent him.

Puxxles Riddle

The other cool feature that comes with the App is you can attach sound files, pictures, jokes, music, stories to impress the receiver. Senders are given the flexibility to break the Puxxle in to 9, 16 or 36 pieces.

Users can even download the PuXXles made by their users from online gallery of the App and in similar way you can upload your PuXXles to the gallery so that other players can rank it.

Download puXXle game from the link:https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/puxxles/id569863726?mt=8&ign-mpt=uo%3D4