Are you looking to play an interesting puzzle game? Then this is the game for you. Fallen TreeGames has developed a new puzzle game called Quell Reflect. It is a sequel to the game Quell.

This is a logical puzzle game. The game takes place in a mini maze like platform. Your main goal here is to collect the pearls. In this game, you find small rain droplets in every level. You need to move those droplets carefully around the screen and collect the pearls by overcoming the obstacles. You enter into the further level only if you collect all the pearls. So, use your skills to carefully move the droplets by overcoming all the obstacles and collect all the pearls.

Quell Reflect Review

As you get deeper into the game, you will find new obstacles appearing regularly to obstruct the droplets movement. So, play your game carefully without getting the droplets stuck. The only thing in this game is that you can’t move the droplets randomly, you can only move in a single direction at a time. Hence, you have to carefully move the droplets, and watch their moving direction.

Quell Reflect Game Review

Try to end up each level with possible minimum number of moves to gain a good score. In each and every level, the minimum number of moves is displayed on top of your screen. If you complete your level exactly with the number of moves that are displayed, you unlock a hint token.

Quell Reflect App Review

The game has good graphics with gentle and soothing music track. It consists of more than 80 puzzles that are interesting and challenging but not frustrating. Get this puzzle game and try to complete the levels with minimum possible number of moves to gain awards!

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