Raise.com is a gift card marketplace and the company has now come out with the launch of a new mobile application which enables you to buy gift cards for less than their face value so that you can save while you shop.


Raise.com app enables consumers to find discounted gift cards in a matter of seconds and then lets them purchase it in their iPhone application. Then a barcode has to be presented for scanning at point of sale so that the total out of pocket expense can be reduced while shopping.  Raise.com offers gift cards to more than 3000 brands and at any given point in time, there are about 850 gift brands available on the website whose gift card can be bought.  The company has grown by over 500% in the last year.

Raise.com app makes accessing the discounted gift cards much easier as well as a lot quicker from the phone. The company might also be introducing the feature of push notifications in the future because it is experimenting with the idea at present.  Users need to set up an account before selling or buying gift cards from the app.  This app is available to download from the iOS app store.

Immediately Download for iOS app Store