Rap Genius Releases A Genius iOS App

Rap Genius, the acclaimed song lyric annotation service, has unleashed an official iOS app called Genius. This app lets users to access key features of Rap Genius on the go.

Rap Genius

In a nutshell, Rap Genius is a website that majorly focuses on the interpretation and annotation of lyrics for songs. Moreover, with the new iOS app, users will be able to check out the service’s lyrical breakdowns together with explanations smoothly and quickly directly from their iDevice.

The app cleverly splits the lyrics with clear line-by-line annotations, most of them are added by the artists themselves. So no chance of getting confused by a song’s lyrics!

With the app, you can get lyrics for any track that’s currently being played, recently played track, or any song that is been saved in your iTunes library, and it will also enable you to playback the track while reading the lyrics on the same webpage. The app also offers a Shazam-style track recognition to discover which song a user is listening to, together with the lyrics on-screen.

In addition to the songs’ lyrics, the app also provides annotated nonrhythmic literature, poetry, transcripts, news, and few other arenas of human culture.

iOS users can download this new Genius app directly from the link given below. The app is compatible with devices that run on iOS version 7.0 or above.

Genius download link for iOS (free)

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