Rayman Fiesta Run is an extension to the most popular auto-runner game,Rayman Jungle Run. This new iteration has been developed based on the successful formula and elegant graphics of its predecessor, but brings few new things to keep the game fresh.

Rayman Fiesta Run

The plot seems to be same as that of the console title Rayman Legends. Here, you need to rescue Teensies this time. Firstly, you start off a level with Rayman who runs automatically. You duck, jump around and avoid different obstacles until you reach your destination, and then repeat the process. As that of in its predecessor, your target here is to collect 100 Lums in every level, which earns you a star rating based on the number of Lums you’ve collected.

After you collect enough number of Lums, you will unlock a new stage or a character or a power-up and on the other hand, stars unlock spaces on a track. You can even purchase extra Lums through in-app purchases in order to unlock new content.

Rayman Fiesta Run app

Once you are perfectly done with a stage, a new version of the stage appears, which is called as ‘Invaded’. These bonus stages remix the level with new foes, obstacles and sometimes layout. Getting through these stages is a bit difficult.

Let’s take a look at the major differences between Jungle Run and Fiesta Run: Firstly, the latest iteration is something more alike to a world map. You will unlock courses based on the number of Lums you collected as in the former version, but all along your way, you will also unlock new characters, artwork and so on.

Rayman Fiesta Run game

As earlier, Fiesta Run introduces you gradually to several elements. In the initial stages, you only deal with jumping, which is followed by punching through foes and so on. This provides an interesting and challenging gameplay. Moreover, the graphics are sharp and elegant and the sound is excellent.

On the whole, Rayman Fiesta Run is a fantastic mobile game that offers you everything you would desire from a sequel. This is definitely worth paying for.

This game is available on both iOS and Android platforms. Rayman Fiesta Run for iOS and Android are downloadable via the links given below.

Rayman Fiesta Run download link for iOS ($2.99)

Rayman Fiesta Run download link for Android ($2.99)