Righteous Kill 2 is a new hidden object game from G5 Entertainment, a sequel to the most popular game called Righteous Kill. This game features the lead character of the original game, Erica, an NYPD detective of the specialized Vigilante Unit.

Righteous Killer 2

The quest starts when the Erica is sent to investigate a crime scene where a man was murdered in his residence. You play as Erica who must find clues and unleash the mystery behind the murder. While analyzing through the evidence along with other officers, you are informed that another murder has taken place.

At each murder scene, a note is left with a poem next to the dead body. Although the detectives are not aware why the murderer would want to leave such evidence, they use those poems to reveal more information about the murderer.

Righteous Killer 2 app

Besides the note, you will have to search for clues by visiting different locations, like office, warehouse, etc, and find the list of items in each scene. Most of the scenes insist you to find hotspots, which you can tap to zoom in on part of the scene, and periodically you will find key items that can be added to your mix and used in a scene. There’s no time limit, and you will have countless hints with a short recharge time between your uses.

Apart from finding out the list of hidden objects, you will have to do other things like re-assembling torn documents, dust for fingerprints and so on. Occasionally, you are also required to compare footage from 4 different security cameras. This is an interesting activity that makes you feel like a real-time detective.

Righteous Killer 2 game

This game features 11 unique chapters divided into several scenes to investigate. This is a longer game than the first one, which was blamed for being on the short side.

Definitely Righteous Kill 2 is better than its predecessor. This game is available now for available only for iOS users.

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