RunBot is a riveting endless-runner game from Bravo Game Studios. This game delights those who love to play a good arcade challenge.


In this game you play as the protagonist, the artificially intelligent robot who has managed to go against its protocol and run for freedom. It’s not that easy. You will have countless obstacles on your way.

Using simple gesture controls, you need to dodge obstacles and enemies. Just swipe up to jump over barriers, and swipe down to slide under a powerful laser beam. Occasionally, you will also have to use motion-controls during free-falling sequences to trick your character through tunnels of debris.

RunBot for ios

Besides obstacles, you will have limited energy reserves, which means that you must collect battery packs all along your way to ensure you don’t run out of your power. Try to collect as many battery packs as you can, because you slow down gradually and end your game. This adds more challenge to the game, as on the other hand it would be so simple to just dodge obstacles.

The longer you stay alive, the more points you gain to level up. You can even use your battery packs to purchase upgrades like health buffs, jetpack, etc.

RunBot game

The graphics are impressive and suitable for the theme. Overall, this is a good, fun game to play.

Runbot is only available for iOS users. iDevice owners can download the game from Apple App Store for free.