Scribd, called Netflix of digital books, has launched an app for Kindle Fire users while overhauling its iOS and Android editions. Scribd has unleashed its service in October on iOS, Android and Web. Today, the company has extended its service to Kindle Fire users.


Just like its iOS and Android versions, Kindle Fire app also lets Scribd’s subscribers to access their desired number of ebooks from the library of more than 1 lakh titles that blends the Scribd’s novice ebook subscription service, which was launched in October.

The company says that their mobile app has been downloaded for 3 million times, and in order to celebrate that, they have released a new Kindle Fire version.

Scribd app

In addition to Kindle Fire app, the company has also launched a major update for its Android and iOS versions. The update brings the following new features to users:

  • Adds more readable fonts and font sizes.
  • Enhanced location support while traveling.
  • Added 5-star rating ability within the mobile app.
  • The night reading mode has a nifty black background.
  • Enhanced tracking of location with real page numbers from the print book.

Scribd for Kindle Fire, Android, and iOS are downloadable via the following links. iOS version is compatible with devices that run on iOS 6.0 or above firmware, while Android app works with devices powered by Android 2.2 and above.

Scribd download link for Kindle Fire (free)

Scribd download link for iOS (free)

Scribd download link for Android (free)