The famous tag app Shazam has recently improved to work with iPhone versions. The 5.5 version arrives with a latest User Interface and refreshed the listening screen. The well-known action of ‘sweep’ is replaced with a blue Shazam dial, which is an improved version and that reacts to the music. The tag results are also easy to view.

If you tag in a location where there is no internet connection, automatically the app matches the information when you are moved to a fine connection. In the Notification Center, notification also come into sight.

shazam app
Now the tags are also searchable. You can just go to the top of the section of your app to explore by tag date, artist, tag location and title. It’s feature also includes the facility to share tags to the Google+.

For the users of Voice Over, Shazam provides ‘magic tap’. Through this the users begin tagging automatically using an event of two finger double tap from wherever in the app to begin listening and better search. Isn’t this exciting?

For iPhone, Shazam is arriving in 2 distinct ways. Shazam Encore costs for $6.99 in the App Store whereas the app of cost free Shazam arrives with web banner. It supports iPod touch. A separate iPad version of the app is there which has to be improved.