Sky has updated its remote App, Sky+ for smart phones that run on ios operating system. The Updated App will allow its users to create on demand movie listings and set recordings by using either an iPad, iphone or iPod Touch. The new feature embedded in the Sky+ remote App is that now the sky users accompanied by an iphone or ipad will be able to queue up the movies and TV shows without moving from their room. But the only drawback with this App is that it only works when the user stays connected Sky+ box through Wi -Fi network.

Sky+ on Demand Remote App

Sky has released this new App to handle the upcoming festival season when large number of people stuck up to their Television sets. Users are provided with a chance to search their favourite movies without disturbing the current running TV show. The on demand area associated with the remote app is classified in to different areas that includes showcase, catch up, library, movies and sky store.

The show case category will depict all the latest shows and catch up category shows latest shows of various channels such as ITV, Channel 5, Sky Living and Sky sport. The library features the popular content that is present on the Sky’s on demand service which includes popular TV shows, recently added shows and themed box sets.