Sortee, a puzzle game developed by Flow studio and the game is all about sorting things in to different categories.

Every time when a item appears on your phone screen, swipe you finger to dump it in to the right bin. Player must think fast and judge the right bin, to do so it requires players with sharpest brains and quick fingers to finish the game.

Sortee iOS puzzle App

 The game play is quite responsive and fun too. Every level of the game shows you different types of categories such as plastic, metal or an organic material . Players have to carefully swipe the items in to appropriate categories and gain more points. Once you finish the first few levels, game becomes more complex and interesting.

Sortee puzzle App

 While playing the game, sorting tubes places can be changed, two items may appear instantly and players have to even face situations like earthquakes and sandstorms etc to reach the final level. On placing wrong items in the sorting tubes or if you take long time to decide, a message gets displayed that you have failed.


  • Players can find 400 items that have to be fit in 100+ categories
  • 51 challenging levels that let you think about the objects
  • Game can be played in 2 modes that includes classic mode and fast mode
  • Excellent ambient background music and amazing sound effects

To download this amazing puzzle gaming App, visit iTunes App store.

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