Soundwave, the service that allows users to share their music taste with friends in real-time, has rolled out a significant revamp to its iOS and Android apps with a slew of new features.


Firstly, the update brings a new commenting feature to the iOS app, which is the most requested feature by the Soundwave community. This feature was exclusively designed to make it much easier for users to connect with one another on the platform. Moreover, you will be able to tag people in comments with the help of a hashtag. In other words, you can use comment hashtags to group similar hashtags together.

Here’s the complete changelog of the latest version:

  • Ability to comment on songs.
  • You can now tag your buddies within a comment.
  • Ability to use hashtags within a comment.
  • Just click on the #hashtags to find new tracks.

While the Android version has received the following features in its latest update:

  • Ability to share as well as keep track of your YouTube music directly through your profile. Finally you will be able to find and listen to YouTube music that your buddies are listening to. The company ensures that only YouTube music videos will be displayed on your profile.
  • Design tweaks.
  • Ability to track Google Play Music.
  • Bug fixes.

Both iOS and Android users can download the latest version of Soundwave Music Discovery app directly from the links provided below. iOS app is compatible with devices that run on iOS version 7.0 or above, while Android version works with devices powered by Android 2.2 and above.

Soundwave Music Discovery download link for iOS (free)

Soundwave Music Discovery download link for Android (free)