Spuul.com, a popular streaming service provided for Indian movie and various TV Shows over internet has now launched an amazing App on the world’s largest social network, Facebook to stream full- length movies.

At present, Facebook users across the world can stream and watch the top Indian movies and different TV shows with the Facebook App developed by Spuul by continuing their chat with friends, check status updates or new feeds, read notifications and perform other Facebook activities.

Spuul Facebook App

Spuul is currently using the payment system of Facebook to allow the users to subscribe for monthly package to access the premium content present over Spuul.com. The free App will aid the users to watch any movie or TV show without closing their tasks on social media environment . The latest search box will enable the users to search the movies in a quick and effective way.

spuul App

The co-founder of Spuul.com , S. Mohan has said that more than 70% of their current users hold an account on Facebook and it was the main reason behind creating this App for Facebook. Every Facebook users must sign-up with the App to gain instant access for all free movies but to stream premium movies, the user must register with monthly premium package.

The iPhone , iPad and iPod Touch users can now view the App within the Facebook at Spuul.com.