Dots, the simple yet addictive puzzle game that has taken the Apple App Store by Storm, has arrived on Amazon Appstore and Google Play Store.

Dots Dots app

Here’s the game description for those who are not familiar with it: Players are required to hook up as many same-colored dots as they can within a minute. You are also allowed to compete against others by connecting with the standard social networks.

With the launch of Android version, Betaworks (the company behind the app) has also revealed a new game mode named ‘Moves’ that takes the timer out of question. There is no time limit for moves and instead you are offered with 30 maximum moves per game board.

Besides the Android version, the company has also refurbished the iOS version with new ‘Moves’ game mode, together with speed enhancements and more trophies. The app also supports additional languages like Arabic, Japanese, German, and Russian.

Dots for ios

Android and Kindle Fire device users can download the Dots app from Google Play Store and Amazon Appstore respectively for free. While iOS users can grab the updated version of Dots from Apple App Store for zero cost.