Twitterrific 5 is is an improved and restarted version which is considered as an ancestor of Twitter clients for iOS. The latest look and feel is the most marked feature of this Twitterrific 5. The latest interface of the app is minimalist, cool, and good.

Twitterrific 5

The app which has been introduced recently, provides various functional features for the users of Twitter. But as stated in the review of Christine’s, these features are targeted at the casual users.

In the improved Twitterrific 5 version, you can able to swipe right or left with the 2 fingers to shift between light and dark themes. You may wonder that if swiping is done down or up with 2 fingers what happens. Do not wonder about this anymore, it just displays or hides the status bar. Already this gesture is supported in the foremost version of app.

An in-app notification is shown when you a direct message or new tweet and also when Dark Theme at Night alters.

Additional to few bug fixes, the improvement also provides the following progression to Twitterrific 5:

  • Numerous progression to VoiceOver.
  • A loading status bar is shown when an image is taking huge time to load.
  • Swipe gestures are made simple to trigger.
  • Now the regulation of pull to refresh operates much easily.
  • When you are responding to a message, you can view it in the compose look.

Twitterrific 5 works with iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch and you can get this in your App Store which costs $2.99.