Fire Maple Games has released an adventure-puzzle game called The Lost City. This game takes you to an unknown world to explore the tombs and to unlock the secrets. The game presents you an  adventurous gameplay with interesting puzzles.

The game has an interesting storyline. In this game, as a player, you are in search of the lost city to return the artifact which your grandma has given you. Here you need to explore the surroundings, pick up the items you find in your way, and get the clues to solve the puzzles easily.

The Lost City Game Review

You need to do a lot of backtracking and exploring. You will find several locations to walk through. You should alter the seasons for some puzzles. The game presents you with new puzzles and environments, as you go deep into the game. You are provided with a backpack which contains a journal. The journal provides you with clues and symbols you encounter. You also get hints in the game and a map which allows you to play the game interestingly without any bore.

The Lost City Review

The only complaint in this game is that it does not have multi task or backgrounding abilities. Hence, if you just come out of the game application, you should begin from loading the screen. But there is an advantage here, the loading occurs rapidly, so you will not be frustrated. The scenery in this game almost looks like the real ones and the gametrack is excellent. If you like playing these types of games,  try this game and you would definitely like it.

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