Recently Google has announced different kinds of updates and tweaks to upgrade the experience with Google+, especially for the users of Android. The major latest inclusion is the uploads of full-size images, if you have turned on the Instant Upload feature, full-size photos of up to 5GB can be uploaded privately to the Google+ account to share them later. And also Google has included increased support for the fresh technology of Photo Sphere. Still you may want to utilize Android 4.2 to shoot Photo Spheres, if once those are shared to your Google+ account, any user consisting of Froyo or later can view homemade 360 degree view images.

The users of Android now interact with the recent Google+ communities which was released in the last week, and the users can also sign up for the notifications on their mobile from particular circles also. The concept of interest based community has been one of the key attractions of Google+ and the discriminators from other kind of social networks, so not at all surprised to view the Google shift that experience to the mobile floor. Minor inclusions for the users of Android includes GIFs and emoticons support, reminders of birthday in Google, recent lockscreen widget and editing the profile.


Some more inclusions are also there for the users: Google has upgraded the video hangout feature efficiency. There are also some tweaks to the events of Google+, adding the ability to exactly view about who opened your invite and an opportunity to duplicate an event in a simple way. On the whole, there is nothing like an actual ‘killer’ feature being included, but it is like a good processing to the social network of Google. But the users of iOS will not obtain these updates soon, because Google did not specify any alterations to its app for the mobile platform of Apple. The Android app which is been updated is now available in the Play Store.

Google also released some new features which are coming to the Google+ iOS version. The users of iOS will have an updated image viewing experience and fresh conversation cards targeted to highlight the shared content. Google also included subscription to the circles and community support featured in the app of Android, and also upgraded the principles of iOS app to match up with the Android version. The upgraded Google+ app is now available in iTunes App Store for iOS.