THX, the company that has developed high-fidelity production standards for audio, video synchronization in movie theaters has now released a new App for iOS users named THX tune-up.

This brand new App helps the customer to calibrate their HDTV’s and adjust home theater, projector and speakers. The App features different video test patterns and tutorial that helps the users to make picture settings.

THX tune-up APP

THX tune-up App lets the user to check their external speakers by using special test sounds . It even enables users to make sure that speakers are working properly when connected to 2.1 or 5.1 stereo sound system.

The App has come up with some additional features like it plays THX certified trailers on your new surround system when you install it for the first time. Users can connect App to their TV through two methods that includes AirPlay Mirroring or using an HDMI adapter.

THX tune-up iPad App

This interactive App provides detailed information to the users and helps them in adjusting aspect ratio, colour contrast and brightness. It even ensures whether the speakers are connected to appropriate audio video receiver (AVR) or not.

The brightness of the TV is set through a THX logo and users are suggested to turn down the brightness to zero level and then adjust until you can view the drop shadow of the logo.

THX App is now available for iOS users at iTunes store and the company is planning out to release its Android version in next few months.

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