You are at the right place if you are looking for Caller ID Apps? Caller ID, it is the acronym for Caller Identification and these CID apps offer special service for transmitting caller’s number on the mobile screen on all the smartphones of the called party before taking the call. This service is built in mobile phones from the beginning of mobile usage. With the advancement in trend and need from regular mobiles to smartphones, numerous apps have been developed to provide best features of Caller ID on multiple platforms such as Android, iPhone, Nokia and BlackBerry devices.

Top Caller Id Apps for Android, iPhone, Nokia and BlackBerry Devices

The best Caller ID apps for different platforms are mentioned below:

Caller ID Apps for Android compatible smartphones


Looked upon as a universal phone directory, the first option is the ability to perform smoothly the function in question and block unnecessary numbers. The next interesting feature is you can look for names and digits of individual strewn effortlessly anywhere across the world. Whether it is a landline, mobile or prepaid number, you must be able to zero in the identity of owner. The blacklist feature inserted here permits you to keep out telemarketers as well as pranksters. Developer reveals that the directory is effectively packed with searchable contacts that are up to 750 million. If your mobile is buzzing with unfamiliar mobile number then make sure to know that this interesting software will show the person details on the other side. Also, it allows adding photos and birthdays to the phone-book and thankful to social integration with Facebook and LinkedIn. And all you need to do is just touch on particular widget to gain access over contacts, history and number searches.


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Current Caller ID:

Current Caller ID, it is an excellent app used across the world by android users. It differentiates callers and texters, also adds social and weather updates from Twitter and Facebook to callers. This app is supported by all the android devices with version 2.2 and up, it is the main reason for having 300 million users. The new updates version of this app offers impressive graphics and just a tap is required to block calls and messages from unwanted numbers.

Current Caller ID

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Mr. Number:

You can block texts and calls from unwanted numbers from anyone by downloading this application into your mobile device. It is not limited to any single contact and can be expanded to an area code or any country across the globe. Also, this innovative app provides reverse lookup for landline and mobile numbers. What more you need? Spam users, MMS and SMS messages can be reported so that others will not fall quarry to pranksters. This app also offers deeper insight to businesses spread all over US. The initial 20 lookups are counted perfectly without shooting out single penny.

Mr. Number

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Real Caller ID:

As the brains behind this effort disclose, you are blessed with complete information about the unknown on the other side. Also, there is a recent caller list that shows complete data even if you miss the ringer. A caution word to Verizon or Sprint users to get live information bits, you must be connected with Wi-Fi. Free version tenders just five lookups for you to check out. If you are interested then just move ahead and download 50 or 100 edition which is available in the range of $1.99 to $18.99.

Real Caller ID

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callR ID:

The program displays name, city and the address of the person who is trying to contact you as the phone rings. If you have certain information then this data can be punched in and get complete information about the unknown person. Some of the interesting features of this app include location with map, delayed reverse lookup, extended phone log and the ability to look for extra information from Google, Bing, LinkedIn and Facebook.

callR ID

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You need not even think about these words if some unknown numbers pop up on your mobile screen. This software helps in giving base location of unknown person at the other side of the line. Also, the apps block some texts and numbers from unwanted people. Cheery on top is reverse look up service is unlimited which is available for free. 300 million and the database of counting cloud has numbers collected from 170 countries such as US, Japan, Singapore, India, Hong Kong, Middle East, Europe, Taiwan and more. If you are wondering, the digits can be perfectly identified using internet searching and community reporting. So, whether the rings may be random from telemarketing people or from stores, this app tracks the details without annoying. Some of the popular and noted features of this particular app are smart number tagging, real-time searching and widget to ring back. Little digging is done to get forth details of the unknown person waiting on the other side of line. It is available in the form of name, addresses and profile’s of social networking sites like Facebook and LinkedIn. You can gain access over local and international numbers and also block these spammers.


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Caller ID Apps for iPhone Devices:


TrueCaller, it is a popular app with millions of downloads and topped Africa, Europe, India and Middle East. This app can be accessed in 13 different languages which provides All in one phone directory where you can get local as well as global names and numbers even on pre-paid phones. In the app database, users can look for some half a billion numbers and more. The main issue with this app is version of iPhone will not interact with incoming calls but Wi-Fi and 3G connections are mandatory to make the app working perfectly.


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CIA – Caller Identification App:

CIA displays name, address and other vital information right o your mobile screen when your mobile is ringing so that you can decide whether you want to take the call or disconnect it. This app works perfectly with all the local as well as international numbers. The app displays caller information along with his Facebook profile. The app permits users to get rid of irritating calls from telemarketing people by marking their number as spam.

CIA – Caller Identification Iphone

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Caller ID Apps for Nokia Devices


Free limitless reverse lookup made this app to stay on demand for over four million users across the world. With community tagging and internet search this app provides name of any unknown caller or frauds instantly. There are about 600 million database entries in the databases across 170 countries assist the app to work perfectly by blocking unwanted calls or texts and spams. This app supports android 2.2 and above versions.

TrueCaller App features

  • Top feature is Caller ID, displays who is calling.
  • Excellent social caller id, displays latest updates of your friends from LinkedIn and Facebook while calling.
  • SMS preview is instant
  • Spam calls are blocked effectively.
  • Name and number search usage is simple.
  • Updating phonebook with missing detailed addresses is easy.


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Caller ID:

Caller ID app is especially developed for people who are using feature phones of Nokia. Callers who are not in your contact list are identified automatically. To perform this, the app looks at the international directories and then shows information of caller.

Caller ID

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Caller ID Apps for BlackBerry Devices:

iSpeech Caller ID Reader:

iSpeech Caller ID Reader, the best feature of this app is the name of the caller is read out. This app is especially for multi-tasking people who can select to answer the caller without looking at the phone screen. This app is compatible with Bluetooth providing extra feature that allows you to drive safely without any interruption. You need not take eyes from the road when you are on driving as the name of the caller is shouted out from the device. This app is supported by operating systems having versions 4.5.0 or above.

iSpeech Caller ID Reader

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Whether it is blocking some people or going for reverse check up feature, you can be sure on all the above mentioned Caller ID Apps for different devices such as Android, iPhone, Nokia and BlackBerry. Also, you can get the details of the person whose number is not saved in your contact list when you get call from unknown numbers. Most of these apps are accessed and installed for free.