Top 20 Christmas Apps for iphone

Christmas is one of the most awaited festivals of the year. You get to sit and enjoy the wonderful talks with your family members and friends.

These apps will make it even better for all the people who have been waiting for it eagerly. Here are few Christmas apps that might interest you.

Dr. Seuss Camera – The Grinch Edition

Dr. Seuss Camera is developed by Ocean House media. It is packed with mind blowing features like Over 20 cards based on original artwork by Dr. Seuss, take a picture with your face in the cutout or alongside the characters, load images from your Photo Library, add crazy borders and stamps to your cards, move, rotate, scale and delete stamps to further customize your Grinchmas Cards, save cards to your Photo Library or e-mail them to family & friends.

Download this app for 1.99$ from app store.

Dr. Seuss Camera - The Grinch Edition

Download Dr. Seuss Camera – The Grinch Edition App for $1.99

The Christmas List

The Christmas List is one the best apps for Christmas. You can plan your entire event related to the Christmas without any problem. This app also has features like Use Quick Add to enter multiple gifts quickly and easily sync lists via email, no need to re-enter info, shopping list view to get you through the stores quickly, enter gift once, assign to multiple recipients, track budgets per person, optional password protection, add your favorite stores to a pick list of popular retailers, add people from your iPhone contacts, track gifts by status: shipping, received, and wrapped, keep photos of people and gifts, countdown of shopping days until Christmas, share list using Messages or Email, at-a-glance view of shopping progress, custom Christmas backgrounds and print lists from the app.

You can download this app for 1.99$ from App Store.

The Christmas List

Download The Christmas List App for $1.99

Santa’s Christmas Village

This is a superb app developed and designed by Ensena Soft. They have designed some of the best apps for iPhone. You can plan your events properly without any issues.

This app also has a lot of other cool features like amazing backgrounds and slides, you can play games like Sudoku, candy cane twist, mine sweeper, snowman math, night before Christmas, tic tac toe, reindeer match them up, bear piano and a lot of others.

You can enjoy your Christmas even more with the help of this app. You can download Santa’s Christmas Village for 1.99$ from App Store.

Santa's Christmas Village

Download Santa’s Christmas Village App for $1.99

Christmas RADIO

The Blu Media Lab, are the developers and the designers of this tremendous app. You almost get every feature that you will find in other Christmas apps.

It has an option featuring a streamlined interface and designed for iPhone and iPad, you can listen to over 50 music stations so that you can get the right feel of Christmas. Some of this year’s more popular stations include: Xmas in Frisko, Jazz Radio Christmas and Kristmas Kountry.

There’s also North Pole Radio, which broadcasts directly from the North Pole – a detail that is sure to delight even the most skeptical of Santa-doubting kids; and probably more than a few adults, too.

More than any other time of year, the holidays are defined by the music that celebrates this season, and that’s why Christmas Radio is so massively popular around the world.

At no cost, and conveniently via WiFi and cellular networks , you can instantly connect to the holiday music they love, whether that’s rockin’ Christmas hits, old standards, or whatever else you prefer.

You can download this amazing app for free from the app store.

Christmas RADIO

Download Free Christmas RADIO App 


This is a pretty easy and simple app designed and developed by Gourmet Pixel Ltd. This app offers you much more than any other Christmas app.

Every kid is going to love this app, as it has a colorful background and smooth interface. These are just half of it’s features the main are Countdown to Christmas Day, advent calendar with free gifts every day, gift list, toys, games, festive Jokes, Christmas Songs and wintery wallpapers.

It’s a must have app for all the iPhone users, as you can keep yourself engaged with the mind blowing features it offers. You can download this amazing app for free from the APP Store.


Download Free Christmas!! App 

Sudoku Seasons

Sudoku Season is an awesome app by 99 Games Online Private Limited. You can do a lot of exciting things on this app that are related to Christmas.

Firstly Sudoku is an amazing game people get tuned in to it quite easily, so what’s happening here is that you get to play the game you love the most with the amazing theme you can ever imagine.

This Christmas app has a lot to offer like, makes a great Gift, play with St. Patrick’s Goodies or Numbers, put your skills to test in Easy, Medium & Hard modes, progress through 90 Challenging Levels, 6 cheerful themes: ‘Christmas’, ‘Mystic Gems’, ‘Valentines’, ‘St.Patrick’s’, ‘Halloween’ and ‘Easter’ and send out a personalized eCard to that special person in your life.

You can download Sudoku season for 0.99$ from the App Store.

Sudoku Seasons

Download Sudoku Seasons App for $0.99

Good Food Festive Recipes

This is another brilliant Christmas app for all the festival lovers. Good Food Festive Recipes is designed and developed by BBC World Wide.

We all know how amazing the network of BBC has been throughout these years. They have always provided the best for the audience and made sure that it was of our interests.

Now they have tried to provide something remarkable for the iPhone users. Good Food Festive Recipes is packed with features like exciting Christmas news, colorful wallpapers and most of all the delicious food you will get to learn with the help of this wonderful app.

There are so many dishes related to this particular festival. This is the only time people get to take interest in making things they want and learn all the Christmas dishes they wanted to.

This app makes it easy for them to understand and make your favorite dish. If you want to make your favorite dish all you have to do is download good food festive recipes from app store for 2.99$.

Good Food Festive Recipes

Download Good Food Festive Recipes App for $2.99

Christmas Activity Book HD – by BabyFirst

This is a pretty good app developed and designed by BFTV. It has an amazing background and brilliant interface. This app keeps you updated will all the information related to Christmas.

It is packed with some of the mind blowing features like build a snowman, color match gifts, sing along to Jingle Bells, count ornaments and decorations, put together puzzles of Christmas scenes and a lot of other features that will blow your mind.

This is an adorable app that will keep you and your kids happy as it got a lot to offer. You can download this wonder app for free from the app store.

Christmas Activity Book HD - by BabyFirst

Download Free Christmas Activity Book HD – by BabyFirst App

GlowTunes Christmas

Glow Tunes Christmas is an amazing app for all the Christmas lovers. It has very funny and cartoonish background and very smooth interface.

Glow Tunes Christmas has some of the brilliant features like  universal application means one purchase and you own it for all of your mobile Apple devices, 8 brilliant colored lights for decorating your tree, new instruments as well as some classic favorites, turn out the lights to create a dazzling light show in the dark, realistic snow effects complete the holiday feel, changeable background colors, rainbow Mode lets you decorate with all of the colors at once, change the speed of your melody with the tempo slider and save/load your favorite creations.

This is a very good Christmas app and every iPhone user should have it on their device. You can download Glow Tunes Christmas for free from App Store.

GlowTunes Christmas

Download Free GlowTunes Christmas App

Sleeps to Christmas Lite – Christmas Countdown

This app is developed by Dardan software limited. This has a beautiful background and very smooth interface.  This also has a very interesting feature were it will give you the countdown for Christmas.

It takes about 18.9 MB of your mobile space. It tells you the total hours, total days and total seconds for the Christmas day to come. It also has few impressive ringtones and tunes so that you can listen to them whenever you want to.

There are a lot of Christmas apps developed by these particular designers. Now that we know that Daran Software Limited has been completely involved in this particular category it’s worth trying this Christmas app.

You can download Sleeps to Christmas Lite for free from app store. It also has a paid version with a lot of other features.

Sleeps to Christmas Lite - Christmas Countdown

Download Free Sleeps to Christmas Lite – Christmas Countdown App 

Tacky’s Christmas

Tacky’s Christmas is another brilliant app by Ocean House Media. They also made another app based on Christmas theme called how the Grinch stole the Christmas tree and other wonderful Christmas apps like Rudolph the Red.

They generally offer the users a lot of brilliant features that will make a user engaged with the Christmas season. It has a smooth interface and wonderful and colorful graphics.

It also has some brilliant features like encourage literacy skills with highlighted narration, learn new words by tapping pictures, record your own narration & share it with others, select a scene with easy-to-use navigation and keep kids in the story with parental controls. It has so much to offer this Christmas.

You can download Tacky’s Christmas for 3.99$ from app store.

Tacky’s Christmas

Download Tacky’s Christmas App for $3.99

Twas The Night Before Christmas

T was The Night Before Christmas is a brilliant app that is developed and designed by Moving Tales inc. It is packed with some amazing features like sophisticated 3D animation on every page of the book, original music, voice over and sound effects, option for the user to record their voice to be played with the provided sound effects and music, the entire text of the original poem, choose to hear and display the poem read in 3 different voices, animate the text using the iPad’s, iPhone and iPod Touch accelerometer, coverflow-like navigation, page swipe or tap for page turning, auto page turning option , sound effects only sound option and sophisticated and dynamic typographic layout.

There are a lot of other apps that are wonderful and Christmas based by the same developers. You can download this amazing app for 3.99$ from App Store.

Twas The Night Before Christmas

Download Twas The Night Before Christmas App for $3.99

Christmas Tale HD

This is a wonderful Christmas app by Tab Tale HD. Christmas Tale is one of the best Christmas apps on app store. Users all over the world have used it properly and they love it.

It also got a lot of positive feedback from the users. Christmas Tale HD has a wonderful and colorful Christmas background and very smooth interface.

It is packed with features like fantastic HD illustrations covering all book pages, numerous, engaging and fun activities on every page, reveal an enchanting reading experience never seen before on iPad/iPhone, take your time and find all the joyful interactions in every page, for assistance choose “Tips” from the menu and reveal all the hidden features, “read to me” – reads the story to you as you turn the pages and “auto play” – reads the story to you and automatically flips the pages.

You can download Christmas Tale HD for free from App Store.

Christmas Tale HD

Download Christmas Tale HD App

Yummy Christmas

Yummy Christmas is developed by This is a pretty simple and small app for all the kids out there. You get to hear all the funny sounds and nice images with the help of this app. Download this app for free from the App Store.

Yummy Christmas

Download Free Yummy Christmas App

Christmas Countdown

This is a simple and easy to use app designed and developed by Vasoware. You can get whatever you want that  is related to Christmas on this app. Download this app for free from App Store.

Christmas Countdown

Download Free Christmas Countdown App

Where’s Santa?

Where’s Santa is a good app by Gareth Vaughan. It has wonderful features like Numerous locations and activities, 10 anagrams to work out, slider Puzzle, advent Calendar, santa’s reindeer barn listing the names of all of Santa’s reindeer and descriptions, days to Christmas’ message on menu page, Christmas Piano, party Masks, continents & Oceans – Click on the markers and use to educate your children, Santa’s Scanner, Santa’s Match game and Christmas themed background music.

Download this app for free from app store.

Where's Santa?

Download Free Where’s Santa? App

Letters to Santa Claus Free

Letters to santa claus is an amazing app by Zippz Software LLC. It has a lot of cool features. You can download this app for free from App Store.

Letters to Santa Claus Free

Download Free Letters to Santa Claus App

A Charlie Brown Christmas

This is a wonderful app for all the Christmas lovers. You get to do a lot with the help of this app. It is packed with a lot of features. You can download this app for 4.99 $ from App store.

A Charlie Brown Christmas

Download A Charlie Brown Christmas App for $4.99

12 Days of Christmas

Polk street press LLC, are the developers of this spp. This app has wonderful songs that are related to Christmas and you also get to see wonderful pictures. Download this app for 1.99$ from app store.

12 Days of Christmas

Download 12 Days of Christmas App for $1.99

101 Christmas Cake Ideas

This app helps you get songs and a lot of Christmas carols. There are close to 101 Christmas songs in this app. You can download this app for free from the App Store.

101 Christmas Cake Ideas

Download Free 101 Christmas Cake Ideas App

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