The iTunes App Store provides a wide range of guitar related apps that are not just featured for beginners. The apps are useful for those who have never touched the instrument before and also to those who have been playing it for years together. The apps are very handy and can be your best tutors and kits on various occasions.

Guitar Lessons: Rock Prodigy

Rock Prodigy is an app designed for iPhone, iPad as well as iPod. Once you’ve installed the beginner’s app, you can update it to the fuller version providing a vairety of music lessons that don’t just give you theory like a textbook but make learning fun.

Rock Prodigy provides exercises, tests and activities that you can run in the middle of other important activities on even an acoustic guitar. It helps you develop your skills and work on it in your free time.

It is a must have app for those who can’t take time off from their busy schedules. You can buy the app for $59.99 which is for a limited time.

Guitar Lessons Rock Prodigy

Download Guitar Lessons: Rock Prodigy App for $59.99

Gibson Learn & Master w/ StudioShare

Gibson, one of the top fretted-instrument making companies has collaborated with Legacy Learning Systems to create this wonderful app.

The Gibson Learn & Master w/ StudioShare not only allows you to learn guitar in a whole different way but helps you save all your hard work.

The Gibson Learn and Master helps you learn guitar with personalised lessons timed at your convenience and the StudioShare collaboration helps you record your work using in-built microphone or external, save, edit and upload your work which on your selection can be viewed and contributed to by anyone from anywhere around the globe.

The app can be downloaded on the iTunes App Store for free.

Gibson Learn & Master w StudioShare

Download Free Gibson Learn & Master w/ StudioShare App

Blues Guitar Lessons

Big fan of the Blues but don’t know how to play the genre on the guitar? Blues Guitar Lessons is at the rescue. Blues is the unique genre that never seems to fade away.

This app shows simple lessons that guides you with the basics that help you play any Blues song. It teaches the 6 Blues chords you must know, 6 Guitar Licks, 6 Blues scales and much more.

When you download this app, you get a bonus of over 900 lessons covering blues, rock, jazz and many more. You can download this app for free.

Blues Guitar Lessons

Download Free Blues Guitar Lessons App

Guitar Jam Tracks: Humbucker Blues

Guitar Jam Tracks: Humbucker Blues is one of the apps from the Guitar Jam Tracks collection of Humbucker Blues, Acoustic Blues, Rock, Reggae and Jazz. The application allows to play solos and practise scales.

The advantage is that the app provides practice on all scales from A to G. Make learning fun and you can do all this right from your iPhone by purchasing this app for $1.99

Guitar Jam Tracks: Humbucker Blues

Download Free Guitar Jam Tracks: Humbucker Blues App for $1.99

Guitar Jam Tracks: Acoustic Blues

Guitar Jam Tracks: Acoustic Blues is a highly rated app that is the choice of many guitarists. The app is available in single or as a collection of all the Guitar Jam Tracks.

Acoustic Blues is one genre that never gets old. Download this app and learn tips and tricks to play like a pro. The easy-to-pick-up lessons guide you with finger placement that help you play like an artist before you know it.

You can download this app onto your iOS device for free.

Guitar Jam Tracks: Acoustic Blues

Download Free Guitar Jam Tracks: Acoustic Blues App

Guitar Jam Tracks: Rock

Love rock music and can’t figure out how to play those unsual chords? Use this user-friendly app that has the best user interface that helps you learn and play rock music like a pro.

The Guitar Jam Tracks: Rock is the app that can be installed on your iPhone which guides you step by step in the scale that you like to play the song in.

Yeah, thats right! A song seems too low or too high? Pick the scale of your choice- major or minor, Guitar Jam Tracks: Rock will guide you through. You can purchase this app for $1.99

Guitar Jam Tracks Rock

Download Guitar Jam Tracks: Rock App for $1.99

Guitar Jam Tracks : Reggae

Have you grown-up always wanting to be able to play one of those Bob Marley songs while someone sings to them? The wait is finally over. The Guitar Jam Tracks: Reggae guides you through the various steps of being a reggae star in minutes.

All you need to do is download the app and practice in the scales of your convenience. The app will teach you chords, strumming and rhythm that will make you feel like a pro.

You can purchase this app on the iTunes App Store for just $1.99

Guitar Jam Tracks  Reggae

Download Guitar Jam Tracks : Reggae App for $1.99


TabToolkit is an app developed for those who love music. It is the best-selling app of the time that provides major instruments of all kinds at your fingertips.

The TabToolkit is not only an app for your iPhone but also your iPad and iPod touch. Not only does the app allow you to play the instrument alongside teaching you, but also allows you record and download soundtracks from over the internet or upload from your PC.

This flexible feature helps you take on the musical side of you and quality of the music stands unbeaten.The app can be purchased and installed for $0.99


Download TabToolkit App for $0.99

Ultimate Guitar Tabs

The most widely used site to find the chords of all kinds of songs, for both guitar and piano, is the Ultimate Guitar Tabs. This app is a mobile version of the biggest catalog that provides lyrics, chords, tabs and scales of over 400,000 songs.

The Ultimate Guitar Tab is the only app with the most accessibility to such a huge number of songs. The app is available for all iOS 5.0 devices with its unbeatable efficiency of finding a song or tab by its name and displaying chords and lyrics.

The best feature is that the app allows you to export tabs and chords to Dropbox. Users seem to have loved the app and think is it worth every penny spent. The app costs $2.99 only.

Ultimate Guitar Tabs

Download Ultimate Guitar Tabs App for $2.99

Star Scales Pro for Guitar

The Star Scales Pro for Guitar app is one of its kind. For those who love playing the guitar and can’t find a way to figure out the scales and chords, this app is designed perfectly for them.

The app isn’t complicated to confuse you but has an easy-to-learn system of finger placement and scales. You can also practice with random scale pattern generator.

There are various genre of music that you can select from. Also the zoom-in and out feature to help understand a pattern thoroughly. You can find this app on the iTunes App Store and purchase it for $1.99 only.

Star Scales Pro for Guitar

Download Star Scales Pro for Guitar App for $1.99

Guitar Buddy

Guitar Buddy version 3.0.3 is the latest version of the app that has had over half a million downloads and still going. The app provides free scale patterns, chords, rock licks, classical patterns and much more.

The downloaded version allows a limited number of these features that help you quick-learn the important tips to start playing guitar like a pro.

However, you can  update the app using the in-app store to get access to limitless chord sheets, scales and much more. Guitar Buddy is available on the iTunes App Store for free.

Guitar Buddy

Download Free Guitar Buddy App

Guitar 101 – Learn to Play the Guitar

Guitar 101 – Learn to Play the Guitar is an app that comes in handy for all those beginners who aspire to be guitarists or even want to learn a little bit of guitar to play their favorite song.

Once you download this app by Pacific Spirit Media, you will require a functioning  Wi-Fi network to run the app at all times. Using this app you can view top video guitar lessons on YouTube and pick up your basics of learning to play the guitar.

The app teaches the basics for beginners only. You can find this app on the iTunes App Store and download it for free.

Guitar 101 - Learn to Play the Guitar

Download Free Guitar 101 – Learn to Play the Guitar App

Learn Guitar Theory

Learn Guitar Theory is an app that  is designed for both beginners and the ones who have been playing guitar for years. The app provides 11 lessons that can be chosen according to the learner’s level of knowledge about guitars.

Learn Guitar Theory has a unique display that enables you to view lessons and grasp concepts easily. Lesson one is for the beginners, however anyone can start it off with lesson one to have a better foundation in basics.

The app can be used by anyone who plays the acoustic guitar, electric guitar or both. The easy-learn lessons make playing guitar fun and relaxing.

You can download the app from the iTunes App Store for $1.99 only.

Learn Guitar Theory

Download Learn Guitar Theory App for $1.99

Guitar Basics for Dummies

Guitar Basics for Dummies is an app designed especially for beginners who need to know all about guitars before they pick one. The app teaches the anatomy of a guitar which helps build knowledge of guitars.

Unlike the other apps that teach only finger placement, chords, scales, etc., Guitar Basics for Dummies teaches postures while sitting or standing that need to be maintained.

This indeed is very helpful for even those professionals who skipped on the basics of playing the guitar. The app includes lessons of classic songs and other collection.

If you’re a beginner aspiring to play guitar someday, this is just the right app for you. Also the app provides a built-in tuner that enables you to tune your guitar perfectly and perform at your best.

You can purchase this app on the iTunes App Store for $3.99

Guitar Basics for Dummies

Download Guitar Basics for Dummies App for $3.99

Beginner Guitar Songs

Beginner Guitar Songs is the app developed by Guitar Jamz Inc. for beginners as well as people seeking to learn chords of some classic songs. This is an easy to use application that helps play guitar for those who never even touched the instrument before.

The app consists of firstly, the Beginner Lesson Series that enables the learner to get familiar with the basics. Next is the Important Guitar Chords category that are a must learn before stepping into playing the instrument.

Next, the app will teach strumming patterns that everyone is used to listening to. The patterns will help the learner use the strumming according to a song and improvise on their own.

The next category would be Easy Guitar Songs. The app contains a list of famous and hit songs along with chords and strumming patterns. This is an allround app for a beginner which can be downloaded from the iTunes App Store for free.

Beginner Guitar Songs

Download Free Beginner Guitar Songs App

Guitar Lessons from Howcast

Howcast is one of the leading developers in the see-how-video category. The Guitar Lessons app is the best of its kind from Howcast that provides a range of videos of chords, songs, scales starting right from teaching what a fret is.

The app is good for anyone from beginners to experts aspiring to learn more. The lessons consist of over 140 video tutorials and from which you can choose what you would like to learn.

With Howcast, you can track your progress, star and mark your favorites, and search for what you want to learn. The app also provides steps for troubleshooting a certain criterion.

You can purchase this app on the iTunes App Store for $1.99

Guitar Lessons from Howcast

Download Guitar Lessons from Howcast App for $1.99

Guitar Jam Tracks – Scale Trainer & Practice Buddy

Guitar Jam Tracks – Scale Trainer & Practice Buddy is the app that you would love to carry around in your pocket. The Scale Trainer & Practice Buddy is one among the package of the Guitar Jam Tracks.

It provides the facility of being able to practice along with your Practice Buddy. The app allows you to practice scales and chords until you get perfect.

The very useful iPhone app now  has the Audiobus enabled. It is one of the top best 25 guitar apps designated by the Guitar World. Because of its in-app store, you have access to a lot more styles and strumming patterns for your iPhone.

You can purchase this app for $4.99

Guitar Jam Tracks - Scale Trainer & Practice Buddy

Download Guitar Jam Tracks – Scale Trainer & Practice Buddy App for $4.99

Lick of the Day

Lick of the Day provides you with a free version of the app that has access to the basic licks that you need to know. This is like the demo version of the whole app.

If you think you like the app, you can purchase the full app that has access to over 1200 lessons and 50+ courses. The “if you like  it, then buy it” feature is very helpful to know what the app is really about before spending your money on something you have no clue what it is.

The app has a dual instruction mode where in the first mode, the learner can practice along with the tutor in the video whereas in the practice mode, the learner can set the tempo according to his convenience. Lick of the Day is a free download from the iTunes App Store.

Lick of the Day

Download Free Lick of the Day App

Video Guitar Lessons, Backing Tracks, Tuner, & Chords Chords

Video Guitar Lessons, Backing Tracks, Tuner, & Chords Chords is a free app from  The app consists of chords, scales, songs, pitch setter, tuner and much more.

It is a one-time download app that has no in-app extra download charges or any such misleading. The app is absolutely free of cost and helps beginners or any guitarists to learn and play the instrument in a much fun way.

The lessons provided are full and if the learner needs more lessons or likes the work, they can follow the link to and find many more exciting videos and lessons that help build guitar skills.

The app can be downloaded from the iTunes App Store for free.

Video Guitar Lessons, Backing Tracks, Tuner, & Chords Chords

Download Free Video Guitar Lessons, Backing Tracks, Tuner, & Chords Chords App

JamUp Pro XT – Multi Effects Processor

JamUp Pro XT – Multi Effects Processor is the best multi-effects processor for guitars and bass guitars. The app provides a range of effects along with amplifying.

The app allows access to your iTunes libraby as well as lets you share your work with the help of ToneSharing. With ToneSharing, you can download over 10,000 artists’ works or even upload your own.

This accessibility is useful for those aspiring guitarists who find the need of exposure through displaying their work and being recognized on a certain cyber platform.

If you would like to spice-up your music with amp and effects, this is the app you need. You can find it on iTunes App Store for $9.99

JamUp Pro XT - Multi Effects Processor

Download JamUp Pro XT – Multi Effects Processor App for $9.99


GuitarToolkit is like carrying all of your guitar kit in your pocket. It has everything you need to tune, pitch and adjust your guitar and start playing like a pro.

The wide range of built-in chord sheets and drum patterns allows you to access and perform any song according to the scale. This app is not just for your guitar but also adjusts to any string instrument – guitar, bass guitar, mandolin, ukulele and so on.

The tuner, metronome and the chord sheet are all that you need for perform like a star. The GuitarToolkit is your guide, teacher and buddy, helping you all along to master your skills.

You can find this app on the iTunes App Store for $9.99


Download GuitarToolkit App for $9.99

AmpliTube Slash

AmpliTube Slash is a full-featured mobile guitar effects processor. It is best of its kind recording studio app that lets you play, practice and record with Slash’s signature gear.

If you’re wishing you could ever play like Slash and jam like the rockstar with the effects you get from his pedals, this is the perfect that has been installed with the gear that sounds like Slash’s signature gear.

Produced from the effects, you will be amazed by the clarity and the flexibility allowed by the app to set it according to your convenience. The app once installed, can rock your world. You can purchase this app for $14.99 from the iTunes App Store.

AmpliTube Slash

Download AmpliTube Slash App for $14.99


PolyTune is single app that can help determine the notes of your detuned guitar strings all at once. With just one strum, PolyTune can recognize and help you tune your strings all at once.

This is a very useful app for those who don’t quite have the keen ear for notes. The app has the MonoPoly feature that has the ability to recognize whethere one string or multiple strings are being played at once.

Also, the app has two chromatic modes – Needle and Stream that you get to choose from. So if you ever find your guitar detuned and not much time to tune it, use the PolyTune for easy and quick tuning of your guitar strings.

You can get this app from the iTunes App Store for $4.99


Download PolyTune App for $4.99

Anytune Pro+ – Slow Downer Music Practice Perfected

Anytune Pro+ is the best practice tool for any singers, dancers or musicians. It is the prefect tool designed to adjust pitch, tempo and other criteria to practice music.

When guitarists find it hard to maintain tempo and go off pitch once in a while, this app guides the musician to alter the music to keep it as tuned as possible.

The app not just helps adjust pitch but also has the metronome that allows one to time their music and practice accordingly. It is a very helpful app that can be used to practice until perfect also used when performing in concerts or shows.

All you need to do it plug in your earphones and set the desired pitch and timing to go along with your song. The app can be found on the iTunes App Store for purchase for $14.99

Anytune Pro+ - Slow Downer Music Practice Perfected

Download Anytune Pro+ – Slow Downer Music Practice Perfected App for $14.99

Bass Jam Tracks: Blues

A Learner is always intimidated by the bass guitar when compared to the ordinary six-stringed guitar. It is quite common that a person faces this confusion and people often don’t choose to begin learning the bass guitar.

Bass Jam Tracks: Blues puts an end to the fear and confusion by providing a clear-cut explanation of the fret board which can be picked-up easily and start learning on a bass guitar.

The app provides lessons right from the basics to the level where you can master your skills in playing bass of the Humbucker Blues genre. The app has a good interface with easy accessibility and quick tips.

You can find this app on the iTunes App Store and purchase it for $2.99

Bass Jam Tracks Blues

Download Bass Jam Tracks: Blues App for $2.99