Whether you are traveling to a new place or talking to new people at home, language is no longer a barrier to communicate with people as best translator apps help in translating all the international languages into desired language.

Top 5 Translator Apps for iPhone and iPad

Google Translate

Google Translate, it is the most powerful and efficient service on the web. This is an official application of Google translation service that allows you to translate in some 64 languages.

Just speak any sentence or word and the app translates to your desired language. You can even listen to the translation spoken aloud in 24 different languages.

Google Translate

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iTranslate Free Translator

iTranslate Free Translator, it is the free translation app on the store that helps in translating more than 60 famous international languages.

It is the best free app that comes with tons of exciting features like text to speech, powerful dictionary, voice recognition feature and translate sharing option.

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 Translate Text into spoken voice

It is the most powerful translation app recommended for all the iPhone and iPad users. The app supports 59 international languages which is essential for your device.

The app is integrated with tons of features which includes translation with history search, translation sharing through email, zoom view and more.

Translate Text into spoken voice

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iTranslate Voice

iTranslate Voice, it is the best translator for all the iPhone devices that supports 42 languages. You can easily translate any content to your language with the help of this application.

This unique app is perfectly integrated with some essential features like translation sharing option, voice to voice translation and more.

Just speak any sentence on your mobile and the app will give response in 36 different languages. It is highly recommended for all the iPhone users to speak instantly in other languages.

iTranslate Voice

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iHandy Translator Pro

iHandy Translator Pro, it is the most powerful translation tool on the app store that comes with exciting features like history tracking option, text to speech option, powerful search, social integration and more. This powerful translation tool supports up to 52 international languages. iHandy Translator Pro


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