Tribune’s Newsbeat App Reads You the News that You Prefer from Online Newspapers

Tribune, the American media giant has rolled out a new app called Newsbeat for both iOS and Android users. This app lets users to audio-stream their desired text-based stories from multiple online newspapers.


The app is a combination of news radio and news reader elements, with several personalization features. The includes a cool interface and looks sleek. You will be pleased by hundreds of news source and newspapers it can tap into.

You can select your desired publications. You will also be able to feed your information, like location details, and pick the topics you like. Moreover, you can also go to My Sections and choose to hear news from local, politics, world, and so on. Though you are done with news-customising, you can still personalize the app by selecting a music theme.

Then the app pulls all your stories into one single place and converts each article text into audio. Sometimes you feel like recordings playback as text-to-speech, while other times you will hear as a normal human voice. Moreover, you can perform actions like swipe news away, skip, play, pause, and go back. You can also click on each news article and scan or signup to receive a daily-emailed stuff.

iOS and Android users can download Newsbeat app right from the link given below. iOS version is compatible with devices that run on iOS 6.1 and above firmware, while the Android app works with devices powered by Android version 2.3.3 and above.

Newsbeat download link for iOS (free)

Newsbeat download link for Android (free)

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