This is a new, exciting puzzle game developed by Kiragames. A brain teasing game with several difficult and challenging levels. Each level has a unique solution. Test your skills and the abilities in solving difficult puzzles!

Unblock Me Free App Review

In this game, you find a red block which is surrounded by other blocks on the game board. Your goal is to get that red block out by sliding other blocks. There are 2 game modes in this game, challenge and relax modes. In the challenging mode, you have to get out the red block with minimum possible number of moves to gain 3 stars. But it is very difficult to get all the 3 stars.

Unblock Me Free Game Review


If you do not get all the stars, there is an option to replay the level. You can play as many times as you want until you are satisfied with the level. Whereas in the relax mode, there is no need to complete the level with minimum number of steps. Your main objective is to get the red block out, that’s it.

Unblock Me Free Review

The game consists of achievements and ranking systems. As you play the game, the levels get much trickier. Sometimes you get frustrated that you can’t find a solution even after trying for several times. But don’t be disappointed, there is a hint system which will provide you a clue to clear the level.

If you love playing puzzle games, you  will definitely love this game. You have to concentrate, think and play.

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