Where’s my water is a fun-filled puzzle game with colorful graphics, simple controls and excellent sound track. The game involves a character called Swampy who always wanted to be clean and hates being dirty.

Where’s My Water Free App Review

Swampy is a cute little alligator that lives in the drain under a city. He is unique compared to other ones and loves to take shower after his work. Other alligators damage his water pipe and terminate the water flow. So, your main goal in this game is to help the poor little Swampy by rectifying the water problem. Using your touch screen device, you need to dig the mud which is blocking the way of water and direct the water to his bathtub. You will also find rubber ducks in every level. You can collect those ducks by directing the water to their path.

Where’s My Water Free Review

In some levels, you will come across algae, green ooze and other types of poisonous liquids. These are your obstacles in the game. Poison will contaminate the water. If ooze or the poisonous mud enters into the inlet, you fail the level, and you have to retry the level. When ooze and poisonous mud come in contact with ducks, the ducks will die.

Where’s My Water Free

So, you have to be very careful while you play the game. When you supply enough amount of water to the alligator by overcoming all the obstacles, your level will be completed and the further level will be unlocked. You know what? There are also some hidden items in the dirt. When you find at least 3 of them, you unlock a bonus level!

Grab this funny game and start playing.

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