Word Search is an interesting word puzzle game. It is a very useful game for kids to improve their vocabulary. They can learn while they have fun! Kids get absorbed into this game finding wide range of words. Hunt the hidden words and enjoy playing this game!

Word Search

When coming to the game, a grid of letters is displayed on your full screen. There will be some hidden meaningful words in that grid which you have to find out. In the grid, you find words diagonally, horizontally, and vertically. In each and every level, the words which you got to find will be displayed at the bottom of your screen. When you find a word, you drag from the first letter to the last letter of the word to mark it. When you find all the words that are displayed on your screen, you complete a level. If you do not find all the words, you fail the level and you need to retry the level.

Word Search Review

To make it easy, the words which you have found are marked with different colors on the grid and the discovered words are striked off among the displayed words. So, you get a clear idea of the words you have to discover.

Word Search App

When you open the game, the grid automatically adjusts to your screen. The game presents a colorful and clear look. Play with your buddies, family members and see who is better in spotting the words! Grab this app on your device and start hunting the words!

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