Words in space, a word and fun arcade game developed by HitPoint Inc for iOS players. The main intention of the game is to create words to destroy asteroids and play against your friends to protect and save the universe.

Player before starting to play the game have to sign up by furnishing their Facebook details or create a new user profile by providing your email address.

Words in space iOS App

 Once you login to the App, you can search a friend or compete with a unknown player who has joined the App. Once you challenge your friend, each player in game has three rounds to play in-order to reach top score. The player with top score after three rounds will be awarded as the winner.

Words in space App

 In order to score high points, players have to make longer words as they usually more points. The game involves creating words, usually letters in the game are referred as asteroids that try to destroy your planet. On creating a word, the ship will zap every letter of the word which in-turn destroy the asteroids coming your way.

Each time you play the game , it costs you few alpha bytes. Players during their game play will generate alpha byte in a lapse of 20 minutes. To acquire extra alpha bytes, players must win more number of rounds.

Download this free App by visiting iTunes App store or open https://itunes.apple.com/IN/app/id524132939?mt=8&ign-mpt=uo%3D4 to download it for free.