The WriterPad App released in the year 2011 has been updated several times and its price has been revised quite a few times. With starting of the new year, Phatware Corp that has designed the App has reduced its price from $ 10.12 to $ 4.97.

The WritePad App lets the users to takes notes in their own handwriting using the iPad stylus pen or finger. The handwriting recognition software embedded in the App will adapt your writing style when you write for the first time.

WritePad App for iPad

Users can use simple indication to cut, copy, paste, select and insert special character sin to the text on the iPad. On entering the shorthand editor, App provides you an inbuilt spell checker, auto dictionary, context analyzer, short hand feature that auto-fills the words and shows phrases that we often use.

With the WritePad App, users can now save the written documents and transfer files to other iPhone user or iPad user through Wi-Fi.

WritePad App

The App users on finishing with writing the text can directly email, tweet or pint from the Writepad App with out closing the App and all created documents can be even synchronized with Evernote, iTunes or uploaded to the Google Docs.

By using the Bing translator, the documents can be translated into 16 other languages and several issues have been fixed before drooping down the App’s price.

Avail the App for $ 4.97 from Apple’s App store at the link: