The Microsoft’s Xbox SmartGlass app was well attained by Windows Phone, iOS and Android users since its release just a month back. This app has turned out into a big hit because of the additional content it brought to Xbox 360.

Already the firm had introduced an update for the users of Android to support the app on Android devices. Presently, it has updated an application for iOS to provide much better support for 16:9 aspect ratio of Apple device iPhone 5. Now the app utilizes each and every inch of iPhone screen. Not much is included in the update except few bug fixes and optimizing for iPhone 5.

xbox-smartglass ios app

The improved version of app even permits support for Halo 4 stats on iPhone. Microsoft has always been quite fast in introducing these updates. From the time it was released, the Xbox SmartGlass app for Android have already accepted an upgrade which could support tablets of 7 inches like Nexus 7 from Google. Now its the chance of iOS devices, particularly the iPhone 5. Total support is provided to the new smartphone from Apple utilizing all 4 inches of its screen.

Another aspect that has been disclosed is that users who download and buy. The movie named ‘The Dark Knight rises’ from their Xbox through the Xbox video can access some additional text which is related to the movie by utilizing the Xbox SmartGlass app. Trivia, quotes, storyboards from actors and many more can be checked out while watching a movie.

The app is created for both iPhone and iPad and it is of 35.4 MB size. For iOS devices, you can download the improved Xbox SmartGlass app through iTunes.