Flickr is one popular product that was under worse situation when Marissa Mayer took over as the CEO of Yahoo. Today, Yahoo has launched a updated version of Flickr for all mobiles that run in ios. It is the latest update that was made to Flickr after its first update on 21 December, 2011.


The site was outdated and the features of Flickr were not capable enough to withstand the competition from other popular sharing sites like Instagram and Snapseed. It is quite clear that with updating the Flickr on ios and web, has helped the site to gain some momentum and maintain consistency. The layout of the home page was changed because users must feel comfortable while navigating through the App on either iphone or ipad.

Latest Flickr

With mail upgraded in the last 2 days and today’s update for Flickr, it is for sure that Yahoo will get back its popularity among the internet users. By the latest update on new Flickr App for ios, the photos are rendered in quick time, images sizes are not altered and displayed properly. For amazing experience and touch feel, it is suggested to change the device mode to light-box view.

Yahoo employees took great care in updating the Flickr and the creators of photo filters must be appreciated and promoted.