All over the web, News360 collects blog posts and news articles and also get you your desired content.

As you find out and read stories, the artificial intelligence which is behind the News360 get to know about what type of articles yo do prefer, and with your consent, can able to study how you use Twitter, Facebook and other kind of services to aid in making the news feeds based on your interests. The more you utilize this News360 the more it gets smarter. Likewise, for each major story, the News360 offers you the coverage from every possible source combining text, video and photography to provide you with total, 360 degrees view of issues and to aid you in finding out errors and bias.


Important features:

  • A great interface which permits you to scan the headlines, going deep into the content and preview stories quickly, from top national and global news providers, to niche and local sites and blogs.
  • More than 30,000 sources.
  • A good and flexible personalization system.
  • There will not be any hopping between the sources.
  • Make a charge free News360 account and read the saved articles on the smart iPad, and iPhone being offline.
  • Great export and sharing options.