Zip Phone app lets you make free phone calls over the internet

Zip Phone is the name given to the latest app which has been launched on the Android and iOS platforms. This latest app lets users make free phone calls over the internet. The special thing about this app is that it is not like the other Wi-Fi enabled call making apps out there.

Zip Phone App

Zip Phone is an app which users just need to install once on their Smartphones and forget about it. This is so because it does all its work in the background and users don’t need to access it to make calls over the internet.  This app has been designed and launched by Anuj Jain who is a serial entrepreneur from India.  The idea for this app came up to Jain when once he was working in the basement and faced the problem of poor cellular reception.

Zip Phone works seamlessly with the Android operating system and is extremely easy to use.  This app just becomes part of the default calling experience and can detect that you are on Wi-Fi.  The calls made after installing this app can be routed to Cellular or Wi-Fi.  This app promises to offer secure calling and encrypts the calls using certain encryption methods.

Zip Phone Download for iOS app (free)

Zip Phone Download for Android App (free)

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