Facebook for BlackBerry 10 Receives An Update

BlackBerry has rolled out an update to its Facebook app for BB10, moving it to version The latest revamp includes a slew of minor additions and bug fixes alongside significant new improvements.


Firstly, the update brings the ability to tag your buddies in Comments as well as Status Posts. You can now seamlessly tag your dear ones in a shared post or status post; you will see your friends list automatically as you type.This feature definitely spruces up the users’ experience.

Moreover, you can also remove/hide posts that are available on your timeline. There’s no need to worry about any post, just hide it or remove it on your timeline! The update also brings ‘New Stories’ active link in the newsfeed section. This feature notifies you when any new stories are posted. You will get notifications when in the newsfeed, and automatically refreshed the newsfeed when it is been selected.

The update also provides offline support. With the upgraded caching functionality, you will be able to view all your content before going offline, when you are offline. Furthermore, the latest version has also received support for Screen Reader Accessibility.

BlackBerry 10 users can download the latest version of Facebook directly from the link given below.

Facebook download link for BlackBerry 10 (free)

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