Make your NOOK colorful and attractive with amazing wallpapers/themes. NOOK app store consists of plenty of colorful wallpapers/themes, which can make your device much attractive. Of them, we have picked the best wallpapers and themes for NOOK and listed here. Check this out.

Snowy Live Wallpaper HD

Snowy Live Wallpaper HD app

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Grab this live snowy wallpaper and experience wonderful winter backgrounds! You can choose a background or you can cycle backgrounds. You are also allowed to customize the density and speed of snow.

Abbeys Puppies Wallpaper

Abbeys Puppies Wallpaper app

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If you love puppies, this app will satisfy you to the max. This app features several cute puppies to personalize your NOOK and login screens. You can change your wallpaper with a single tap.

Aquarium Live Wallpaper

aquarium live wallpaper app

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A beautiful live aquarium wallpaper, which provides a feeling of realistic aquarium. It features corals and swimming fish, which makes your NOOK much more attractive.

Autumn Live Wallpaper

Autumn Live Wallpaper app

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Experience the autumn weather with falling leaves and cool breezes! There are different types of colorful and cool autumn backdrops. You can choose any one of the available backgrounds or you can set a cycle backdrops.

Bling My Screen

Bling My Screen app

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Beautify your NOOK device with amazing wallpapers that fit your icons and books! Based on the number of icons, you can select varied rows of wallpapers.

Abbeys Colors Wallpaper

Abbeys Colors Wallpaper app

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It is a collection of high-quality pictures. Personalize your NOOK with different wallpapers, which can grab yours and others attention.

Santa Cruz Flowers Moving Wallpaper

Santa Cruz Flowers Moving app

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Grab this app and enjoy different animated wallpapers, which take you to the gardens of Santa Cruz.

Amazing Aquarium: Live Wallpaper

Amazing Aquarium: Live Wallpaper app

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Turn your NOOK beautiful and pretty with colorful corals and fishes. It features bubbles rise, anemone and turtles swim, and tropical fish.

Moon Phase Pro

Moon Phase Pro app

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Easy to use and a fantastic app that features the state of the moon with 3D simulation. Set time and date; it displays the moon along with perfect crescent angle and phase. It also displays earthshine on the dark on a new moon day!

Space Journey Moving Wallpaper

Space Journey Moving Wallpaper app

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Go all along through the beautiful stars, nebulae and galaxies with this live wallpaper! With this wallpaper, you feel like you are looking the universe through telescope.


Spawn app

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Fill your entire screen with dancing particles! Control the size, shape and color of your dancing particles and have a great experience!

Solar System Wallpapers (50 Sun+Planet Wallpapers)

Solar System Wallpapers (50 Sun+Planet Wallpapers) app

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Get the entire solar system to your NOOK! It features full screen and colorful Sun, Planets, and Moon wallpapers.