Facebook has rolled out a new Messenger app for Android users, which supports SMS and adds a new feature that helps users to find people by their phone number. For now, the app is in beta testing.


The revamped version allows users to chat with people even if they are not in their Facebook friends list. As long as you have an individual’s phone number and they use the app, you can text them. Moreover, the app shows up a Messenger icon as a sign to specify when people are signing in from their mobile version.

When you are logging in to the latest version, the app asks you to register your phone number and set privacy settings. Once you are done with that, users who have your phone number will be able to view and text you (even if you are not in their Facebook friends list).

Currently, the updated version is only limited to certain areas. Lets hope the company soon releases the update for everyone.

Facebook Messenger for Android (free)