Facebook apps have always been enjoyed by users. With a number of new apps coming up every single day there is something for every user. The latest and most sought after apps are the apps for action packed games. Youngsters today simply love the excitement and adrenaline rush that they get playing these action packed games. Here are a few of the most popular action game apps that you can play on Facebook.


Marvel - Facebook Action Game App

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Avengers Alliance-Marvel: Avengers Alliance is an action packed game where a team of avengers like Spider man, X-man and S.H.I.E.L.D fight with a mysterious force that has landed on earth. In this action packed game one gets to team up with the avengers and fight with the mysterious forces that have invaded earth. The game revolves around a galactic event and the player can customize the agent by equipping him or her with uniform and weaponry to help out the locked heroes and defeat the mysterious force. People can play this game by simply logging into their Facebook accounts, and clicking on this app.

Social Wars

Social Wars - Facebook Action Game App

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The Social War is an action packed game where the player has to build his own army to protect the earth from interplanetary invaders. The player has to give complete training to his army to fight with the invaders to protect the earth. From building a mighty fortress to a large army, this game allows you to strategize and play every level up to the win. This action packed game is so engrossing that you will lose track of time.

The game goes on unfolding new challenges at every level. This adventure game piques your interest as you progress from one level to another. This game provides total entertainment to both young and old, with its many twists and turns that are sure to keep you glued to your seats. From saving pet dogs from monsters, to hiring a worker to build a facility to actually fighting enemies, this game is a perfect combination of strategy and action.

Shadow Fight

Shadow Fight - Facebook Action Game App

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Shadow fight is yet another popular action game app that has more than 11500 free flash games, dress up games and action games to choose from. The action games on this app are simply the best in class. One can use all the techniques of fighting such as martial arts, and different weapons or by taking the form of different avatars to defeat the opponent. These action packed games allow the players to showcase their fighting skills to their best.


Uberstrike - Facebook Action Game App

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Uberstrike is a multiplayer Facebook game played and enjoyed the world over. In this real action packed game players can select their own heroes, soldiers, nuclear scientists to play in the battle. This game is really interesting to play. In each and every step, one has to face challenges to defeat opponents. This is a 3D multi player game that has great graphics that give you the feel of fighting in a real battlefield.

Wild Ones

Wild Ones - Facebook Action Game App

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The wild ones is yet another action packed game where a player gets a chance to choose a cute lil pet and ready him for a battle. This game is very popular among Facebook lovers and is a true entertainment source for action game lovers. Here you choose a pet of your choice and arm it with hard core weapons like laser guns, missiles, baby nukes and even grenades. You just choose the weapon of your choice and enter the battlefield.

Crazy taxi

Crazy taxi - Facebook Action Game App

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The crazy taxi game is a favourite among young and old alike. This Facebook app game allows you to take your craze for racing to a new dimension all together. The game takes merely a few seconds to load but offers hours of unmatchable fun and entertainment.

Use the left and right arrow keys to steer the car, and the up and down keys to control the speed of your ride. The space bar allows you to jump. Take off on the track to race other opponents to the finish line in this fast paced action game. Drive as fast as possible to win the race!!

Dungeon Rampage

Dungeon Rampage - Facebook Action Game App

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The Dungeon Rampage is one game that is truly action packed, where a player has to find his way through dungeons, defeat huge giant fiends, save a princess or two and defeat many rivals along the way. This multi player action game is full of action, adventure and thrill. You can be a part of intense arcade combat as you bash, shock, stab and also cook your many nasty and fearsome enemies!

Red Crucible 2

Red Crucible 2 - Facebook Action Game App

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Red Crucible 2 is a slightly weaker version of the famed battlefield game. This game has over 1 million users and can be played on Facebook. This is one of the best 3d games that allows you to enjoy the thrills of fighting other players. In this game, 26 players combat with each other in eight stages.

The Red Crucible game allows you to play with the most modern of weapons and vehicles such as tanks, cars and even helicopters. The game is developed in such a way that a player has an opportunity to play in infantry, vehicle and in air combat. The graphics are simply stupendous and adds to the thrill of playing this fast paced game.

Crazy penguin wars

Crazy penguin wars - Facebook Action Game App

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Did you ever think penguins can fight? Did that make you grin? Play this game to see how fierce the cute looking penguins can get. While penguins look all cute and friendly on the outside, that exterior does hide some madness within. When unleashed, what do you get? One crazy penguin fight that you are sure to enjoy.

Zombie Lane

Zombie Lane - Facebook Action Game App

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Zombies have been a part of some of the best games played for decades. Shooting down zombies makes for great fun. Hop on for some real time fun and action when the zombies begin to attack your neighborhood. Equip a powerful weapon of your choice and begin to ward off the invasion of endless zombies whose intent is to eat upon your brains.

You can smack them, with a shovel or bring them down with a shotgun. You can even customize yourself and choose between a male or female avatar to take on the nasty zombies. Do what it takes to save your neighborhood and help your innocent neighbors!