Facebook is an awesome social media platform that provides plenty of fun and frolic to its users. Different apps have been introduced to add to the thrill and joy of Facebooking. When you grow tired of posting feeds and commenting on your friends’ status messages or photos, sit down and play the many arcade games that Facebook offers for hours of endless fun and entertainment. Here are a few arcade games that are a must try.

Papa Pear Saga

Papa Pear Saga - Facebook Arcade Game App

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It is a bundle of bubbling energetic games, which allows kids and youngsters to enjoy the thrill of playing and winning without the slightest feel of lowered interest. This energetic saga has been made by the makers of popular games like Candy Crush Saga, Pet rescue Saga, Bubble witch Saga. King.com brings yet another mind crackling series of Papa Pear Saga, which currently has over 10 million players worldwide.

The concept is to fire Papa Pear and make him bounce on as many objects and as many times as possible to earn more points. When you land papa pear in each barrel and move on to the next level, there are more objects to bounce on and more multiplier pegs to grab. This simple game will certainly keep you hooked for hours, killing even the slightest ounce of boredom the minute you sit down to play.

Diamond Dash

Diamond Dash - Facebook Arcade Game App

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This app is simply awesome and colourful. Just this game aptly fits for children. Interestingly enough, this is one of the best graphic loaded games for all age groups which can be played alone or with friends. This award winning game revolves around matching as many colors as you can as you proceed from one level to another.

You can also challenge friends and family in weekend tournaments in this super fast and super fun arcade game. Simply match 3 or more colors and break your own records. Fully power packed with fun and entertainment, this a brilliant creation by Wooga that you are sure to love.

Stick Run

Stick Run - Facebook Arcade Game App

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It is an app from Facebook for those who love the adrenaline rush of jumping and running. It is an arcade game enjoyed by more than five million people. This extremely popular game can be played alone or with friends. It draws players like a magnet with its high speed running, tricks, and other thrills that the game has on offer. Jump and run your way through 10 exciting levels, where each level gets more challenging than the other.

Bubble Witch Saga

Bubble Witch Saga - Facebook Arcade Game App

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This game is impressively packed with colourful graphics. There are more than one attraction that are reasons enough to play the game with more fervor. Every level progressively becomes complicated with the revelation of more playing aids to compete with friends and to win the game. This is a puzzle type game with a lot of adventure involved. 150 different levels and enchanting graphics will keep you glued to this arcade game. Unlock items by collecting stars and win more points.

Angry birds Star Wars

Angry birds Star Wars - Facebook Arcade Game App

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This is yet another franchise of the angry birds and this time they are joining hands to wage a galactic war. The game makes the player step into a world of fantasies. The lead characters are playing their roles in protecting the earth and the galaxy from the hands of predators. Each heroic bird coming has its own special strengths and joins forces to counter the evil.

Face off against the dark lord of pigs, and the fearsome Darth Vader, in order to win back the freedom of your beloved galaxy. It is time to help the rebel bird, in the quest to save the galaxy, so pick up your light saber and use your jedi powers to unleash havoc on the nasty imperial pigs in this latest game of angry birds.

Fruit Ninja Frenzy

Fruit Ninja Frenzy - Facebook Arcade Game App

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If you have always fancied slicing and dicing, this is a game you must try. This game is only available to Facebook users. Five million players are a testimony of this ninja game being the best in its class. What do you do here? Just slice the many fruits that come your way and become the ultimate bringer of the tasty end of the fruits with every ninja move you make. Powerful and tasty smoothies will help you in your journey as you progress from one level to another.

Angry Birds Friends

Angry Birds Friends - Facebook Arcade Game App

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The angry birds just got better, with the angry bird friends! It is a game where players guard the eggs and take revenge of the pigs who stole eggs from the birds’ nests. This is a game where one has to use the unique qualities and abilities of each of the angry birds to weaken the strength of the pigs and let their defense come to an end.It is a highly competitive game with an intense scoring ground. The first few levels are simple and allow you to understand the super powers of the angry birds.


Buggle - Facebook Arcade Game App

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This game by Cookapps is one of the most famous app games on Facebook, and is played by a million people every day. Five million ardent followers of this game vouch that this game is simply the best. Buggle is an interesting game which is based in the woods, where a player needs to shoot bubbles to get to the honey pot.

Also collect the many hidden treasures than unveil as you shoot down the many colorful bubbles. The shooting of this colorful buggles needs skills and aiming. Each new level has more interesting treasures that will help you as you progress to higher levels.

Bubble Safari

Bubble Safari - Facebook Arcade Game App

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One of the most beautiful bubble safari game created by Zynga, the Bubble safari has already tasted its success by having over 5 million ardent fans. The Bubble safari game can be played on Facebook. The player has to defeat poachers and hazards by popping up a bubble to create a fire.

This adventure action packed bubble safari game is a complete entertainment package that both kids and adults will love. Avoid spawners and beehive that come your way and reduce your strength, and use the bubble to clear the rack to win more points. The many tasks and levels in the game engross the player and his ultimate goal would be to complete the game successfully.


Vector - Facebook Arcade Game App

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The vector is one of the most famous arcade games ever created and is played by over 1 million players from across the world. The vector game is designed in such a way that it is easy to play, but difficult to master. The aim of the game is to reach the goal by climbing, jumping and running by using different techniques.

The game has the best animations and is loved by people of all age groups. Entertainment combined with challenge, that’s the highlight of this game. This is one game that has life like exciting moves and 20 different challenging levels that lead you to the finish. So what are you waiting for? Break free and sprint to the finish!