Puzzle game apps are getting quite popular on the Facebook platform. Not only do they provide a cool way to use your brain and also have some fun, you can also use them to challenge your friends from time to time and show off how sharp you really are, up there. But that said, when it comes to finding good puzzle games in Facebook, you will actually be spoilt for choice.

Almost every one of them is unique in its very own way, but nevertheless only few satisfy the entire necessary criterion to make it to the top. Here we have compiled the list of top Facebook puzzle game apps for you to help choose better.

Candy Crush Saga

Candy Crush Saga - Facebook Puzzle Game App

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One can certainly say that this genre of puzzle games has been the most popular and the most successful. Mixing and matching color blocks, increasing speed levels and the rhythmic sound tone behind, everything just works in tandem to make this the perfect puzzle game for the causal hobbyist. The elements of this game are candies which you arrange in a particular color combination and crush them to gain points. As funny as it may sound, it gets really addicting once you begin to play.

Farm Heroes Saga

Farm Heroes Saga - Facebook Puzzle Game App

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This popular game has always come up with new ideas to improve its market. And with this release the game surely has added a lot of spice to the gameplay. Switch and match your favorite farm vegetables and prevent the preposterous raccoon from messing up your garden. Though playing the game can make you quite exhausted and craving for veggies, it sure is a great companion when you’re stuck alone in that empty train station.

Pet Rescue Saga

Pet Rescue Saga - Facebook Puzzle Game App

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Of late Facebook has become the international cute-pet-photos-exchange center. Not that we are complaining but it’s pretty evident, a lot of people visit Facebook to see pet animals doing silly things. So that’s why this puzzle app based on the ‘pets’ theme deserves to be on our list. Just at first sight you will fall helplessly in love with this app, thanks to its amazingly cute animations. But don’t get fooled by all the pretty birdies and cats, this game will sure tease your brain to its limits.

Tetris Battle

Tetris Battle - Facebook Puzzle Game App

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This legendary game has survived so long that no one can actually pinpoint the platform it was actually created for. Whether it is on the Stone Age Nintendo platform or on a Facebook App, this game just never fails to gain its audiences. The game has the most number of players on all genres and has some of the most well talented hardcore gamers addicted to it.

The sheer number of players alone gets it the review that you would look for in a game. The gameplay has been tweaked to suit the Facebook platform, but is pretty engaging and completely awesome.

Bejeweled Blitz

Bejeweled Blitz - Facebook Puzzle Game App

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Another one of those legendary games that have survived through time – bejeweled Blitz is here to entertain on Facebook as well. The gameplay here on Facebook has been well laid out for easy online play and quick manipulation.

The theme of the game is pretty simple. All you have to do is match the gems according to their color combinations and you get a bonus whenever you make a double or more combination. But there is of course a catch; you have to do all of this within 60 seconds. Sounds pretty challenging isn’t it? Well start playing and you will know the true definition of the word challenge.


Pengle - Facebook Puzzle Game App

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The matching game is a 3D rendition of the familiar block building puzzle games of the past. Though it may seem a little dull at first look, it is actually spectacular once you begin to play it. The quick gameplay accompanied by high quality animations and the clever story line makes the game quite addictive. And then also, who doesn’t love penguins, and especially when they are on a special mission to save their ocean friends.

Jelly Glutton

Jelly Glutton - Facebook Puzzle Game App

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You’ve probably been in a situation where someone comes and tells you something ridiculously complex and say – food for thought – and scrams, especially when you’re hungry. Probably you wouldn’t have given it much thought at that time, but the designers of this app took it literally and created a perfect game out of it.

The theme of the game is quite simple; you arrange matching food items to score points. The more you match, the more points you get and receive special bonuses when large combinations are reached. But the time limit and the changing difficulty makes it really interesting to proceed.

Panda Jam

Panda Jam - Facebook Puzzle Game App

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It’s not clear whether the designers wanted to make awareness out of the game or just incorporated the theme for fun, they sure have placed a lot Pandas in danger for you to rescue. The idea behind the game is to rescue innocent pandas that have been kidnapped by villainous baboons that have placed them on top of a dangerous stack of blocks. The only way to rescue the pandas is to match the blocks and eliminate them and bring the pandas down level by level. You can use strawberry power ups on your way you to quickly finish the game.

Solitaire Tales

Solitaire Tales - Facebook Puzzle Game App

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Probably Solitaire is the only game that almost anyone who has ever used a windows platform would have played. But here in solitaire tales, they have added a lot of new features that give it a refreshing new outlook. The game is based upon a story line, which takes your deck of cards to interesting places and engages you in a game of solitaire with different minds across the world.

Tower Blocks

Tower Blocks - Facebook Puzzle Game App

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Defy the rules of gravity and muster all your knowledge on mechanics to survive through this extremely addictive game. The concept of the game is to just stack blocks on one another, but once you begin to build, it gets pretty tough very quickly.