Everything You Know About Retro Games for iphone

Are you obsessed with playing retro games? So, what is your most favorite game from your schooling days? Super Mario, aladin saga or pokemon? These vintage old school games bring back the sweet childhood memories which stick forever.

Back then, to play these all, you would have to carry a bag of coins and wait for your turn to take a shot. Nowadays, every individual can play games on their smart android devices and iPhones. Science and technology have evolved the entire lifestyle of the digital era. But nothing can beat the excitement of breaking the records of scores while playing these vintage games. The modern developers have provided the modern generation with the opportunities of playing these retro games amazingly. You can play all your favorite games on your iPhone.

Doesn’t that sound interesting? Some of the retro games for iPhone are mentioned below:

Pacific Wings

Pacific wings

Back in the days, the game was known as “1941”. You can play the role of a fighter pilot who maneuvers your plane around the enemy attacks and shoots the planes down. You can experience the same joy while playing it on your iPhone. Nothing has changed with the modified version of it. The design and graphics also look pretty much the same.  You can control your plane by moving your fingers around the screen of your iPhone.

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Breakout Boost

Breakout boost

This iPhone version is based on the Atari’s original game “breakout”. It has evolved colors and graphics. You will have more walls to break down. You can control the paddle by moving your finger from right to left. You will also have different levels to complete. This would be more exciting than the original game.

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Frogger Free

Frogger free

If you are a diehard fan of these retro games, you must remember the game frogger where you need plenty of patience. You have to be really fast to reach the other side safely while dodging the cars. The iphone version is really easy to handle. You just need to control the frog by swapping down, up, right or left. Some of the rounds are easier than others. You just need a lot of patience and skills to score high.

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Missile Command

Missile command

A person, obsessed with vintage games, can never forget the Missile command. In order to play this game, you have to download “atari’s greatest hits”. This game is completely free to download while many other games require in app purchase.

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Bubble Shooter

Bubble shooter

Who doesn’t love to play bubble shooter? Who doesn’t enjoy popping some bubbles? It is one of the most hit games of the 70s. This game never fails to bring back the childhood memories. You can swipe right and left to aim the arrow. You have to shoot the bubbles to clear them off the screen. The game will be over once the bubble reaches the bottom of the screen.

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So, that is it guys. You can easily download these retro games for iPhone from the internet. So play and have fun.

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