There are many games available in the iTunes store for your iPhone. There are many casual games, puzzle games, and fun games available for iPhone. What about serious hardcore gamers who want to experience the iPhone to the core, while they are not at their gaming consoles?

hardcore gamer

Here we are going to list out some tough games for you to play on your iPhone. All you need is newer versions of iPhone OS to play; as they have high definition graphics. These games are all paid and check the requirements of device before installing them.

Deus Ex:

deus ex

Deus Ex (The fall) is one of the popular games in bigger consoles. Now iPhone also has this game in its app store. This is a shooter game with lot of action and gameplay. This game consists of new story and not a remake. So, if you have played the PC or console versions, then you cannot expect the same here also.

The game requires 1.6 GB space and it consists of good graphics, music, and sound effects. Download Deus Ex app from here for $6.99 USD.



Horn is an adventure game with best looking features. It’s a 3rd person game with great graphics and sound effects. You take the role of a blacksmith boy, who is on a mission to protect his village from monsters. There is a lot to explore in this game and lot of action involved.

The size of the game is 1.02 GB and available for $6.99 USD in app store here.

The World Ends With You:

the world ends

The World Ends Here is a role playing game by Square Enix. Square Enix has designed the famous Final Fantasy series also. In this game your role is, Neku a boy who wakes up in a crowded world and has to clear missions or face erasure. This is also a hardcore game for iPhone users to have fun with their devices.

The game size is about 656 MB and the cost of the game is $9.99 USD. Download The World Ends Here on your iPhone and have fun.



XCOM is a strategy game in which Earth’s governments unite to fight against unknown enemy from space. You play the role of commander of XCOM and have to plan everything to defend the planet Earth, from their attack.

The game consists of very high graphics and sounds. The download size is 1.89 GB and the cost of the game is $19.99 USD. Download and play XCOM from here.

Real Racing:

real racing

Real Racing is a racing game with awesome graphics and great controls and different racing modes. Ride fast on those racing cars to score high and secure the first position. Also play both local and multi-player game modes and compete against others.

The game size is 143 MB and the cost is just $2.99 USD. Download Real Racing here.


These are some of the iPhone games which make you feel like you are playing a console game.