Feral Interactive’s Tomb Raider, the acclaimed action/adventure video game that was unveiled on desktop, Xbox 360, and Playstation 3 last year, has finally been rolled out to Mac users today.

Tomb Raider

This game involves a young lady character called Lara Croft who was marooned on an unexplored island and get into a battle for survival armed with nothing but only her intuitions. As a player, you need to help her as she enters on a dangerous journey to save her buddies and escape from the island’s evil forces.

The game consists of the following features:

  • Play as Lara and guide her from amateur archeologist to seasoned adventurer.
  • Explore the mysterious island.
  • Go up against Yamatai’s deranged inhabitants with an assortment of weapons; you are required to find new parts to turn them into overwhelming armaments.
  • Enhance your combat ability by mastering brutal takedowns to wipe out stunned enemy forces.
  • Upgrade your equipment.
  • Get into the island’s disturbing past by searching lost diaries and defeating deceitful puzzle tombs.
  • You can explore Yamatai’s amazing locales; creep through spooky caves, leap between rooftops in the sprawling villages and pass through the hazardous bowels of ancient shipwrecks.

Tomb Raider app

In order to play this game on your Mac device, your device should have a 2.0GHz processor, 12GB of free space, 4GB RAM and 512MB graphics.

You can download this fantastic Tomb Raider game for Mac straightaway from the link provided below. The app is compatible with devices running on Mac OS X 10.9.1 or above.

Tomb Raider download link for Mac ($49.99)