The most popular social app, Foursquare has just launched for small-screen Nokia Asha 501 devices. As the device does not feature GPS abilities, this app will work using GPRS network.


This app has been specially tailored for low-end devices which do not have support for GPS and work on internet network. It provides the access to all the key features of Foursquare, including the ability to check in and to manage profiles. You can add friends, view notifications and search for locations through your internet connection.

The app consists of a main ‘All activity’ page, which features where have you checked in, and what your buddies are up to. It even presents the photographs that other users have shared with Foursquare or any recent tips that you have added. Users will also get more options for viewing notifications, settings and adding friends. You can also just scroll down and click ‘tap friends’ and once added can check-in on this particular page.

Foursquare app

Checking in is quite easier, you can just tap on the check-in icon and then pick the location near to you. Whereas, you can tap the search icon to view other places nearby those who have checked in at. Discover interesting hotspots of activity, and view what people have written on them.

You will also have a map for every check-in, and also contact numbers for businesses. This helps you to view exactly where locations or people are, making it snappier to discover them especially if you stay in a new area.

Foursquare for nokia

The app also features a profile page which highlights your activities, including where you have checked in, any images you have shared using the Foursquare service, and the most frequently checked in places. It even presents lists and badges (first check in).

This app is worth downloading for your touch-enabled Nokia Asha 501. You can easily view who’s checking in where, and the locations that are most worth to visit. It’s easy-to-use with simple interface, looks great and is very quick to respond.

This app is available for free and is downloadable via Nokia Ovi Store.