Nokia has introduced a new app called as PhotoBeamer for Nokia Lumia 820 and Lumia 920. This app allows the users to showcase their photos on a separate display to share their photos with their family and buddies.

photobeamer App

First you need to download and install the app and then point your Lumia device to other device which can access website. Once the generated QR code is scanned, the smartphone automatically uploads the images and instantly displays them on the monitor of the device. All the major browsers are suitable to work with and you require 3G/4G data connection or Wi-Fi  on your smartphone to make use of the PhotoBeamer.

When your images are shared, you can scroll through them on your phone. You can also share the QR code with someone in the remote location to transfer the images remotely.

This PhotoBeamer app is available for Nokia Lumia 820 and Lumia 920 devices and you can download the app on your phone. Nokia has also assured that they will introduce this to Windows Phone 7.5 devices before the end of the year 2013.