Lumia is the most popular series by Nokia and the most famous Lumia series handset is Nokia Lumia 920. This phone works on Windows Phone 8 Operating system which is upgradeable to WP8 Amber. Lumia 920 is packed with some amazing specs such as the dual core processor, 8 MP PureView camera, Dolby sound, a 4.5 inch HD and clear black display and many more. What makes this handset even more functional and user friendly is the amazing range of apps that can be downloaded.

The following is the list of the top 15 apps that you can download on your Nokia Lumia 920


This is one of the most downloaded and popular app for Lumia 920 and let users measure the desktop and the mobile internet connection speeds, especially if you are on a 4G data link.

Speed Test

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This is another app which makes the Lumia 920 experience simply breathtaking. This is a live TV streaming app which is wonderful for the TV enthusiasts.

TVCatchup App

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BBC Radio:

This BBC Radio app for Lumia 920 helps to stream 100 BBC Radio stations to WP handsets over internet connection. Though there is no catch up option for users to listen to earlier shows but it still is a good app.

BBC Radio App

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Now this is one app which doesn’t need an introduction. It is the most popular cross platform messaging app which can be used to stay connected to friends and family. It is a free app to download which makes it even more attractive.


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Facebook Beta:

Facebook Beta is another very popular app for Lumia 920 and helps users to update the Facebook app with a better look and feel.

Facebook Beta App

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This is an app which lets the users access any of the files which they have previously shared through this service on their handsets.


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This app has combined Google data and Windows Phone style and offers features like street view, satnav tool etc.


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This app can help users known their current power status and proves to be very useful.


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Through this popular app, users can transform and edit their pictures in a very user friendly and easy manner.


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This is a sports tracker app which makes use of GPS to monitor how many calories a person burns during a certain workout and can keep history of previous workout sessions.


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Who doesn’t know what Google is and what app is it capable of doing. This app is also one of the most downloaded apps on Nokia app store for Lumia 920.


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Sticky Tiles:

This app helps to write a quick note and stick it to the live screen of the Lumia 920 handset.

Sticky Tiles

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Weather View:

Weather View is surely the best weather app for Lumia 920 and also the most popular one.

Weather View

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This is a photo editing tool which is considered one of the most popular app for Lumia 920.


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This free app helps to switch the key handset functions on and off only with a tap.


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