A number of mobile applications have hit the market and a majority of them are games. Now one can play games of their choice while on a bus, or even at home. With arcade games having an equal share of the gaming market, some of the most popular ones are described below. These arcade games can be enjoyed by any age group and a great way to keep boredom at bay.

Terminator Revenge

Terminator Revenge-Nokia Arcade Game App

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The popular movie made even more famous by the action hero Arnold is now available on your Nokia phone. Help destroy skynet and save the world in this game.

Fruit Ninja Free

Fruit Ninja Free-Nokia Arcade Game App

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 This is an ad supported version of another popular game to hit the market. Experience the feel of a ninja sword as you cut and slash across a number of fruits and veggies in this game.

Angry Birds

Angry Birds:-Nokia Arcade Game App

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The is a smash hit game that is a must download (if it was not pre installed on your phone!). With merchandise from this game being seen everywhere, one wonders if there is anyone out there who has not played this game.

Son Of Osiris

Son Of Osiris-Nokia Arcade Game App

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Brought to you from ancient Egypt, an embalmed mummy who couldn’t be stopped even by death itself! As the game progresses, he discovers his son waiting to avenge his death

Goosy Pets cow

Goosy Pets cow-Nokia Arcade Game App

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Players must constantly interact or communicate with their pet to keep it alive. They need to feed it, make it study in order to present it as a tough competitor for top rank position.

Penguin Fever

Penguin Fever-Nokia Arcade Game App

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In this game the player plays a penguin which has to help an Eskimo escape who is lost during an expedition. The aim of the game is to make the Eskimo join with his tribe.

Cuddles The Panda

Cuddles The Panda-Nokia Arcade Game App

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This is another virtual pet game where the player is supposed to feed and take care of a panda and can play with him any time. Watch out for un expected reactions from the panda.

Angry Birds Rio

Angry Birds Rio-Nokia Arcade  Game App

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Say hello to the latest version of the record breaking game Angry Birds. This version takes inspiration from the famous bird movie Rio with its wonderful colors and innovative new backgrounds.

Fish ‘Em Up

Fish 'Em Up-Nokia Arcade Game App

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This is basically a game of puzzle that may seem dull in the beginning but as the player progresses, this can prove to be very addictive too.

UNO™ & Friends

UNO™ & Friends-Nokia Arcade Game App

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This is a popular card game and it is available on smart phones now. Complete with all details including the Draw 4, Draw 2 and wild cards, this app is sure to provide any one with hours and hours of fun.

Speed X

Speed X-Nokia Arcade Game App

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 This is an excellent game that gives you the actual feel of riding through a maze of blocks and tunnels. Watch out for the landscape to change when you least expect it and collect boosts along the way.

Vehicle Traffic Extreme

Vehicle Traffic Extreme-Nokia Arcade Game App

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 Tired of traffic on the roads, download this app and you can weave through traffic on your Nokia phone. With all kinds of vehicles around you that you cannot control, this is a very interesting game.

Liqua Pop

Liqua Pop-Nokia Arcade Game App

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This game became a huge hit on the apple OS and it is not available for phones running the symbian OS as well. With excellent graphics and unique game play, this is sure to impress anyone.


SOULCALIBUR-Nokia Arcade Game App

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The ultimate in weapon fighting games, this is filled with graphics and stunning visuals. With a number of weird and unique weapons to choose from, this becomes more and more interesting as the game proceeds.


Traintiles-Nokia Arcade Game App

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 One of the best puzzle games on the mobile platform is here. With a number of levels to conquer, this game will not be dull for one moment.

Brick Breaker

Brick Breaker-Nokia Arcade Game App

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 This is a classic game where the player attempts to break the maximum number of bricks using a ball. After a specific number of bricks the player can progress to the next level.

Learn To Fly

Learn To Fly-Nokia Arcade Game App

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 In this game you get to experience how it is to be a penguin who has only one goal. That is to show the entire world that penguins can fly because they too are born with wings.


Juminja-Nokia Arcade Game App

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The perfect package of ninjas and pandas and explosions and kung fu. This is one game that is very difficult to stop once you start playing!

Cut The Box Reloaded(NO-ADS )

Cut The Box Reloaded(NO-ADS )-Nokia Arcade Game App

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This is a sequel to the previous version Cut The Box which was a smashing hit in the market. With new upgraded levels and so many more shapes and objectives, this is definitely a notch above the previous version. Be prepared to get addicted to this game

goolmaze +

goolmaze +

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The classic game seen once upon a time as a wooden toy is now available for touch phones taking advantage of the tilt sensors. Test your fingers as you attempt to bring the ball to the center of the screen.

Fin Jump

Fin Jump-Nokia Arcade Game App

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 As the name suggests the only aim in this game is to get this character as high in the screen as possible. Drop the fin character once and that may be the end of the game! Hours of tilting and moving the phone guaranteed.

Bulb Shooter

Bulb Shooter-Nokia Arcade Game App

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 The only place where you are rewarded to break as many bulbs as possible. Download this game and shoot down as much 3D bulbs as you can.

Jumping Jacks

Jumping Jacks-Nokia Arcade Game App

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Move the jumping character from one side of the screen to the other as you shake the phone. Help all the characters get to the other side of the screen

Mosquito killer New

Mosquito killer New-Nokia Arcade Game App

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 The name may sound silly but this game can be addictive like you have never imagined. With simple easy to understand rules this game is definitely for all age groups.

Hangman Premium

Hangman Premium-Nokia Arcade Game App

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 A game famous among school students is now available on Nokia phones for download. Improve your vocabulary with this new version of Hangman.