Children of this generation are up to speed with the latest in technology. Keeping up with the times, it is the responsibility of the parents to expose the kids to the right kind of technology. Do not hesitate to allow your children to play these games, they help increase concentration and focus, and are fun at the same time. Today a number of apps are available for kids in the market. These range from games to tutoring applications that improve the kid’s knowledge. Some of these apps are listed below.

Number Blocks

Number Blocks-Nokia Education App

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App Description: A brain teaser game. It involves players to match the number box to clear the entire grid. You win the game when you clear all the blocks. This is not that difficult, grab the game and try it once!

Soft Toy Alphabet

Soft Toy Alphabet:-Nokia Education App

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 Using a number of images of soft toys, this application enables kids to learn all 26 alphabets of the English language. This app clearly shows kids that learning can indeed be a fun experience.

Signs of the Zodiac

Signs of the Zodiac:-Nokia Education App

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This is the perfect app for people who are interested in zodiac signs. This particular app can constantly update itself over an active internet connection and provide information about all the zodiac signs.

Garden Flowers in English 3b

Garden Flowers in English 3b:- Nokia Education App

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 With good graphics this is one game that is sure to interest any person who has a fascination for flowers. This is especially designed for kids under 10.

Word Soccer

Word Soccer:-Nokia Education App

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 The better your vocabulary the more goals you can score in this interesting game of word soccer. This is definitely apt for those who are interested in both English and Soccer as is this is a great app merging the two.

mPustak Multiply

mPustak Multiply:-Nokia Education App

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This is a simple app that lets kids practice math in a fun way. This app is sure to keep kids hooked as it teaches and revises their basic math abilities. Different levels are available for various age groups.

World Flags Blocks Free

World Flags Blocks Free:-Nokia Education App

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 Learning the various flags of countries can be a fun thing to do especially with the new World Flags app on the Nokia Lumia smart phone. With no restriction on the age, this app is for any person who loves flags and would like to know the flags of all the countries.


ABC:-Nokia Education App

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 This is a fun app designed for toddlers and kids under the age of 4. With big bold letters of bright colors, this app is sure to help kids memorize the alphabets in a fun way.

First Math Lesson

First Math Lesson-Nokia Education App

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For parents who would like to get involved in their kid’s education this app is the perfect one in the market. With fun and interactive game like interface this app shows kids that learning math can be a fun thing to do

Best IQ Test

Best IQ Test:-Nokia Education App

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This is similar to a basic IQ test and is specially designed for wound kids. This gives a score and also tells the areas in which the user is strong and needs improvement.

Appsolute Reaction Pro

Appsolute Reaction Pro-Nokia Education App

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This game is both fun and useful as it trains the user’s brain to improve the reaction time. The difference from this game can be observed explicitly.

 English Antonyms Match

 English Antonyms Match-Nokia Education App

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Test your vocabulary using this interesting new app that focuses exclusively on antonyms in English.

Toddler Fun: Numbers & Animals

Toddler Fun: Numbers & Animals-Nokia Education App

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As the name suggests, this app is perfect for kids who are under 3 yrs and has a list of animals and numbers from which the toddlers can learn.

Math English-Spanish

Math English-Spanish-Nokia Education App

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 This app is available in both Spanish as well as English and has a range of math problems for avid quaint jocks.

Top 10 Highest Mountains A3

Top 10 Highest Mountains A3-Nokia Education App

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This is another geography app that has its special focus on mountains and other such land marvels. This has information about all the highest peaks from all over the world.

Word Endings in English 3b

Word Endings in English 3b-Nokia Education App

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A popular game that is played during travel is now available for download on Nokia Smartphones. After a person types in a word, the last letter of that word should be used to form the first letter of the next word.

Wild Animals in English 3b

Wild Animals in English 3b-Nokia Education App

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This app has a list of all the wild animals that can be seen all over the world. From entertaining school kids during visits to parks and zoos to educating toddlers, this is a very useful app that is now available for Nokia Lumia.

Geography Man made Features 3a:

Geography Man made Features 3a-Nokia Education App

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 Geography is a very interesting subject especially when it deals exclusively with man-made monuments and buildings. This is a useful app that also has a built in map feature so that the user can find out which monument they are closest to.


Mathematics-Nokia Education App

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From general puzzles to complex algebraic theorems and postulates, this app lists everything there is in mathematics. This can be sued for both reference purposes as well as for general entertainment for those who love math.

Periodic Table – P.T. Metals

Periodic Table – P.T. Metals-Nokia Education App

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For all those chemistry geeks out there, this is a must have app on any Nokia smart phone. From Hydrogen to Lanthanides and Actinides, this app has it all. Also included are details about the elements such as mass and atomic number.

English Synonyms Match

English Synonyms Match-Nokia Education App

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This is the ideal app that can be used to teach kids simple synonyms in the English language. This app is specially designed so that not only kids but also adults can make use of this.This game contains over 135000 synonyms.


Aptitude-Nokia Education App Download Free App

They say aptitude is something that a person builds over time and with this app installed on your Nokia Lumia, you can surely build yours in no time at all and you will learn that it is fun too.

Fun with Alphabets & Sounds

Fun with Alphabets & Sounds-Nokia Education App

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Alphabet Drag and Drop

Alphabet Drag and Drop-Nokia Education App

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