Though HTC is the first one to release Windows 8 phones, Lumia phones have become more popular for Windows 8. May be because of their look and style in my opinion, they are a huge hit. Nokia has started producing some best apps for Lumia devices and below is a list of the photo apps for Lumia.

lumia nokia

Nokia is also famous for its camera quality and here is a list of camera and photo apps that you can try on your Windows Lumia phone.

Creative Studio:

creative studio

Creative Studio is a basic editor app for Windows 8 like: collage making, blur & focus options, adjust color, remove red eye, and editing. After editing you can share it on your Facebook account or Twitter.

Creative Studio works great on Lumia devices as it is optimized for them. Try Creative Studio on Lumia by downloading it from here.

Smart Shoot:

smart shoot

Smart Shoot is a smart way to shoot your photos for best outcome. It finds the best photos and eliminates blurred or images that are not clear. The app can compare all photos and combine them to make a better picture. How smart can an app be?

Try Smart Shoot app from the app store here.

SophieLens for Nokia:


SophieLens will show different modes before taking a photo. You can add filters to the photo that is going to be taken. You can upgrade to higher versions by paying $1.29 USD. There are 5 types of filters in this app.

Try SophieLens on Lumia by downloading it from here.



PhotBeamer is a new way to view photos. It can be viewed on your friend’s devices or internet connected TVs. Just open the app and open Photobeamer website in other device and then you have to scan the QR code on the website to open the photo gallery on other device. Possibly the best innovative idea to view photos on other devices.

Try PhotoBeamer on Lumia by downloading it from app store here.

Nokia Cinemagraph:


Using Nokia Cinemagraph app we can create a GIF image. Capture certain photos in a sequence and then you can combine some of them to create an animated image. The created GIF images can be saved in Nokia account or shared on Facebook, Twitter, or other social networking sites. You can edit the images and make an animation.

Experience the app on your Lumia from here.


These are some of the apps which work best on Lumia devices and are specifically developed for them. Try them out and have fun.