Marking its entry into the smartwatch market, Samsung revealed its Galaxy Gear at the IFA 2013 in Berlin. This novel smartwatch worn like a wristwatch, can run apps and interact with its own genre of smartphones.

Galaxy Gear Smartwatch

The watch enables users to respond to incoming calls, or view their emails without having to touch their smart device connected with it.

It features a 1.63 inches (diagonally) AMOLED screen with 320 x 320 resolution. Its plastic strap includes an embedded camera of 1.9-megapixel. There is also a speaker, and a couple of microphones for recording and playing back video clips and to conduct phone calls through the native dialer, which works with the connected Galaxy device.

The watch comes with Bluetooth 4.0, and gyroscope and accelerometer sensors. Regarding dimensions, the watch is 73.8g in weight and 36.8 x 56.6 x 11.1 mm in diameter.


The camera has a BSI sensor and autofocus lens enclosed in the strap that can be used for capturing videos and stills. The watch consists of 800MHz processor, 512MB RAM, 4GB memory space, a metal face and buckle, and a 315mAh battery.

This smartwatch is not exactly like a phone, it depends up on the Bluetooth connection (between the smartwatch and your smart device) in order to perform its associated tasks. When the smartwatch goes live in the market, it will be compatible with Note 3 and Note 10.1. Furthermore, it also works with Galaxy S4, Note II and Galaxy S III once those get an Android 4.3 update.

The smartwatch provides notifications for incoming phone calls, messages, and emails. It also cleverly shows up a preview of those messages and offers the opportunity for users to ignore or accept those messages. In addition, users can also control music on their smart devices with the watch, similar to Pebble.

The watch consists of a button on the right side which has multiple functionality. While a single push will take you to the home screen, double pressing it will launch S voice. And if you triple press that, a ‘safety assistance’ feature will be activated, which sends your location information to a saved contact, together with a message stating that there is an emergency.

samsung's Galaxy Gear

Gear is quite a bit bulkier than other smart watches like Pebble. It comes pre-loaded with a number of apps, including third-party apps.

Some of its features that are especially interesting are:

  • Memographer feature: This is an impressive feature, which serves as a Voice Memo. It enables users to smoothly record notes or any conversations right from the watch and save these into texts on their smart devices.
  • Auto Lock feature: This feature automatically locks the home screen of the user’s paired smart device when the watch is 1.5 meters far away from it. Again, the smart device is automatically unlocked when it is in the provided range.
  • Find My Device: This particular feature helps users to locate their smart device when they have misplaced/lost it somewhere else.

This smartwatch is priced at $299. The company says that they will officially launch the watch on 25 September across the globe, but buyers in Japan and US people will have to wait until this October.